Noise Reviews (2023)

Noise is a new Belgian thriller drama film on Netflix that has quite an interesting premise, with an unexpected execution. Released on March 17, the film stars a Belgian-Dutch cast, including well-known actors such as Ward Kerremans, Sallie Harmsen, Johan Leysen, Jesse Mensah and Lize Feryn.

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Synopsis Noise Reviews (2023)

This film tells the story of Matt (Ward Kerremans), an influencer and the parents of a new baby named Julius. He lets his 196k Instagram followers know and manage everything in his life.

When he moves into his small house in the Belgian countryside, Matt discovers a dark secret from his father’s mad past.

Meanwhile, his wife Liv is very worried and will do whatever she can not to lose Matt. So, can they all live in peace?


Not so interesting story

Noise seems quite convincing in the early rounds. The scary and tense impression immediately appears as soon as the first scene begins. Making the audience believe that there will be something scary during the movie.

Starting from a big house in a remote village, a dirty and dark lake that looks like it wants to prey on swimmers, to a large building that only consists of a small family. Everything succeeded in making the audience continue the film.

At first, everything felt normal. Matt is just an ordinary influencer who wants to find out the truth from his father’s story. Gradually, he begins to get caught up in the investigation until he becomes sensitive about anything, especially the voice of his baby.

This film explores a man’s mental health and how his obsession becomes a dangerous way to vent his past trauma. Never treated well, this investigation is Matt’s way of getting validation from his father.

But until the middle of the story, the plot starts to feel boring. There are not many explanations that can be understood, and make the audience have to deduce the meaning of the story on their own. The narrative that is presented is only to support the story, not as the main mover.

Even so, Noise several times presents thrilling moments. Will Matt kill his son? How does Matt deal with unusual visions? What really happened? It is this question that makes the audience curious and interested in watching it even longer.

Movie noise

Sound and cinematography are the mainstay

The main attraction in this film is the sound. Even though the storyline is boring, Noise is proven to be able to keep the ear paying attention. Noise really masters and uses sound for hypnotic and mysterious purposes. As a result, there are many tense scenes when the storyline itself is not interesting.

In addition, the cinematography of this film can also be appreciated positively. Noise records the sights as well as the emotions of the players well. The impression made by all the buildings that appear is very supportive of the film.

A quiet home atmosphere away from noise also adds to the feeling of peace. However, this condition causes a different effect for the main character. In contrast to the surrounding atmosphere, Matt’s mind seemed boisterous and wandering.

Review noise

Conclusion Noise Reviews (2023)

The film Noise is actually quite interesting. Raising mental problems and feelings of trauma through a scary and tense storyline. Even though the story doesn’t attract much attention, there are still other aspects that can be appreciated.

Even though it is 90 minutes long, this film still manages to attract attention with its tension. But it would be better if Noise was able to develop important details which are quite implied in the early minutes.


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