Oink (2022) Movie Review

One of the best animated films is here this June. This stop-motion animated film titled Oink (Dutch: Knor) is the first stop-motion animated film from the Netherlands to be translated from the book The Revenge of Oink by Tosca Menten.

Oink premiered at the 72nd Berlin Film Festival and at the Netherlands Film Festival, Oink won 3 Golden Calves Awards for Best Film, Best Director and Best Production Design. This award makes Oink the first animated film to win this trophy. This film also won the Golden Film, an award for a Dutch film that managed to sell more than 100,000 tickets during its circulation. The film was also shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, but did not make it into the nominations.


Oink (2022) Synopsis

In a small town, Babs (Hiba Ghafry) lives with his father Nol (Henry van Loon) and mother, Margreet (Jelka van Houten) and also his aunt, Aunt Christine (Loes Luca). Babs is 9 years old and has a close friend named Tijn (Matsen Montsma). One day, his grandfather Opa Tuitjes (Kees Prins) who has not appeared for 25 years, suddenly comes from America and wants to stay at Babs’ house. Opa also brought a large mysterious suitcase which he locked tightly and put under his bed. Babs and Tijn also saw the suitcase and both of them immediately didn’t like Opa Tuitjes’ presence, because Opa took over the cabin where they played and lived.

Gradually Opa won the sympathy of both of them and on Babs’ birthday, Opa Tuitjes gave a piglet which Babs named Oink. He tried to convince his parents to be allowed to keep the piglet in their home. His mother gave strict conditions that Oink could stay if he passed the training. The funny thing is that the training was specifically for dogs, and Oink was the only piglet who took part in the training.

However, what became Babs’ biggest problem was not his parents, but Opa’s evil intentions that had been harbored for so long. Opa Tuitjes secretly enters a sausage competition organized by The Society for Meat Products from Fresh Pigs. And from the name of this competition alone, we can guess which way this film will go.

Oink (2022) Movie Review

Family theme associated with current global issues

Oink is very interesting and filled with a warm, family feel. A clear premise at the beginning of the story will lead us to follow this animation to completion. We will get to know each character and how the narratives that have been created can string together the chemistry that builds up with one another.

The narrative is closely related to the life of a child who wants to develop even further, by growing a sense of trust between members of the family. Babs’ good relationship with his mother and father, especially Margreet, also Babs with Opa and Tijn. Moreover Opa’s relationship with Margreet and Aunt Christine. All this chemistry is tested to the end, will everything be fine or will it get worse.

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The second interesting issue is how to incorporate vegan family narratives in the midst of hundreds of years of sausage-making competition tradition. We will see these two opposite elements combined into a genius conclusion that can be said to make sense at the end of this film.

The characters are very detailed and the editing is smooth

The urban feel which is typical of the Netherlands, is clearly visible in every corner. Director Mascha Halberstad cleverly inserts corners of the city with pinpoint precision. This precision is also evident in the details of the characters and their additional elements which are sometimes highlighted in close-up. The editing is also smooth, with scene transitions that don’t jump. The level of detail is not inferior to the British animation company, Aardman, which is famous for its animated films such as Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and Chicken Run.

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Oink Conclusion

With its slick theme, Oink , which lasts only 72 minutes, turns out to have a narrative that flows like a work of art that Roald Dahl has shown through a number of his popular works, which have been widely adapted to the big screen. The struggle shown by Babs against the distrust of adults who are classified as “weird”, turns out to be able to make this film funny and very entertaining to the end. We can watch Oink, which airs exclusively on KlikFilm starting in June.


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