Paradise Highway (2022) Review

One of the newest Netflix movies to appear this week is ‘Paradise Highway’. This film is included in the top 10 shows that are watched a lot, and naturally makes us curious to review this film. Apart from being filled with stars who can be considered quite famous, we are even interested in seeing Juliette Binoche play in this film.

Apart from Binoche, Frank Grillo and Morgan Freeman accompanied the actress whose name had soared through the film ‘Three Colors: Blue’ (1993). What the film was like, we will discuss below.

‘Paradise Highway’ actually has an ordinary premise. You could say the market is very market for a theme like this. The issue of human trafficking , in this case young women who are underage, is not new in the world of film. The rise of human trafficking in the real world has inspired many filmmakers to make films with similar themes.

Synopsis Paradise Highway (2022)

We will focus on the character of Sally (Juliette Binoche), who works as a cross-state interstate truck driver. He was forced to smuggle prohibited items arranged by his older brother in prison, so that his brother, Dennis (Frank Grillo)’s life could be saved when he is released from prison later.

However, this last task from his brother surprised him. After getting used to smuggling prohibited items, he was instead assigned to smuggle a girl named Leila. As their journey begins, a young FBI agent tasked with consultant Gerick (Morgan Freeman) follows their trail, and seeks to do whatever it takes to stop the human trafficking operation they are handling. Sally is in big trouble now. Can he escape the pursuit of the FBI and free his brother from prison?

Paradise Highway

Paradise Highway (2022) Movie Review

The acting of the cast is impressive and the cinematography is promising

‘Paradise Highway’ is the premiere film of Anna Gutto, where she made her feature film debut, and also wrote the script. The advantage that people see for the first time is the composition of the players, which is quite selling. He managed to combine senior players with young players whose chemistry could be close and intimate. It can be seen from Sally and Leila who have maintained chemistry from the start, or Gerick and Yale, the dynamic young FBI agent. Everything was very neatly packed. Unfortunately, Frank Grillo doesn’t have much screen time and his dialogue tends to fall apart.

The cinematography also makes our eyes able to enjoy this film. The angle is also unusual, scene by scene movement is also smooth for the size of a first film, like it was done by an experienced director. One could say Anna was successful from this side.

Review Paradise Highway

The duration is too long and fails to maintain tension

In many cases, first films made by young directors tend to have a lot of mistakes, and ‘Paradise Highway’, which reaches 115 minutes, is quite long for a film of this genre. There are some scenes that should be cut and not needed. In fact, Anna should have been able to keep the tempo so she doesn’t get lost midway, but in fact she can’t keep up the tension game, which makes films tend to be predictable and even more boring at the end of the story. In fact, this film tends to be clich├ęd with contrived dialogue. Making this film lose all the charm it had built from the start.

One of the charms that feels lost and makes this film is the absence of the main antagonist. Who is the culprit of all these problems can’t even be seen. We only see his lackeys, and are ended quickly by unnecessary pleasantries.

Movie Paradise Highway

Paradise Highway (2022) Conclusion

‘Paradise Highway’ is still fun to watch. Its strength lies in the quality of the acting that is qualified from the players. The execution is not bad, although it can’t maintain the tension until the end of the film. The story idea may seem marketable, but at the same time it also reminds the audience that the problem of human trafficking still exists as long as the demand is still high. It can happen anywhere in any part of the world, and it can even happen to us and maybe people we know.


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