Perfect Addiction (2023) Movie Review

Genre movie fans romance which combines elements of boxing in it, you must watch the latest Prime Video film titled Perfect Addiction. You can watch it since March 24. This film tells the story of the revenge of an MMA coach who is cheated on by his girlfriend.

Perfect Addiction directed by Castille Landon, previously known for his work entitled After We Fell (2021), After Ever Happy (2022), and he is currently producing After Everything. This film was written by Stephanie Sanditz and Claudia Tan.

Perfect Addiction (2023)  Synopsis

MMA trainer Sienna Lane (Kiana Madeira) thinks she has finally got everything in life: a nice apartment, a dream job, and Jax (Matthew Noszka), the love of her life.

In the world of boxing, Jax and Sienna seem to be an unbeatable pair, and continue to find success.

Everything feels perfect, even though problems often come to their relationship. However, all problems can still be solved properly. Until when she caught Jax cheating on her with his little sister.

Perfect Addiction (2023) Movie Review

MMA Trainer’s Revenge

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Perfect Addiction presents a different story than usual, although the conflicts that are told tend not to be fresh. However, the presentation of the plot shown is interesting enough to make the audience feel at home to see how far the story is told.

The film opens with a narration voiced by Sienna, telling about her life experiences being able to become a boxing trainer. He has a desire to become a professional boxer, continuing to train hard is a stage that he always goes through.

Sienna also told about the people who were always around her, then she met a boxer named Jax who became her boyfriend. The two of them had a harmonious relationship, until one day Sienna caught herself having an affair with her own sister. There was no denying it, as if the affair happened on purpose to be shown.

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Enraged at the affair she discovered, Sienna plots revenge by training Jax’s opponent in the ring named Kayden.

Even though they faced many difficulties, what was planned as revenge actually made the two of them close with feelings that began to grow. Their only goal is to beat Jax. However, again and again the tests that the two of them have to face are much more complex.

Starting from Kayden’s disbelief in opening up, Sienna who is still trapped in her past and trauma, to circumstances that are unfavorable for both of them.

However, behind the relationship problems shown, Perfect Addiction present the boxing world well. When Sienna trained Jax, Kayden, and when she was trained by Julian, the mentor.

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Unfortunately, this film cannot be watched during the fasting month because there are quite a lot of 21+ scenes. So, it is recommended to watch it after Tarawih prayers or before Suhoor. Make sure your age has reached the specified age limit!

Impact of Toxic Relationships

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Sienna was trapped by Jax’s attitude which had a bad influence on her. Indeed, Jax always cared for Sienna sweetly, but behind it all he planted thoughts that made Sienna not confident to fight as a professional boxer.

That’s what forced him to throw away his dream. Not only that, Jax also always acts violently when he is in a relationship. Leaving a scar that can’t be denied, because Jax always has sweet words.

Unhealthy relationships always leave a bad impression on the mental. Likewise Sienna, she also gave a warning to her sister to leave Jax immediately because it would be bad for her. However, the warning was ignored.

perfect addiction

The flaws in this film are actually quite pronounced, the conflicts that are given are less intense and the deepening of some characters still looks stiff and lacks emotion. Even so, this film can still be enjoyed because the boxing scenes and the training process carried out by Sienna are quite exciting to watch.

Perfect Addiction (2023)  Conclusion

Perfect Addiction become one of the spectacles that is quite fun by presenting the world of boxing. The three main characters as boxers display their powerful abilities, making the audience cheer when they see them.

Even though the shortcomings are obvious, this film can still be watched for those of you who like the sports genre, especially boxing. Although Perfect Addiction can’t be watched during fasting, Cilers can watch it when it’s open or before dawn.


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