Peter Pan & Wendy Reviews (2023)

Peter Pan & Wendy which is an adaptation live-action from Walt Disney’s 1953 animated film, Peter Pan, which was based on the 1904 play, “Peter Pan the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up” the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. Peter Pan & Wendy premieres on Disney+ on April 28, 2023.

A fantasy adventure film directed by David Lowery from a screenplay he wrote with Toby Halbrooks. Jim Whitaker serves as a producer on Walt Disney Pictures productions.

Movie development live-action Peter Pan began on April 13, 2016, with Lowery directing. The film’s title was announced on January 7, 2020. Filming finally began in March 2021 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The film stars Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson in the lead roles. The story that follows Peter Pan and Wendy, who go to Neverland with Wendy’s siblings and, Tinker Bell.

Peter Pan & Wendy Synopsis

Wendy Darling (Ever Anderson) spends her last night at home with her parents, George (Alan Tudyk) and Mary (Molly Parker), and her two younger brothers, John (Joshua Pickering) and Michael (Jacobi Jupe), before going off to school. hostel the next day.

Wendy was unhappy with his leaving, and told her mother that she didn’t want to grow up. Later that night, Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) shows up. After hearing Wendy’s wish, he declared that he had come to take her to Neverland where she didn’t need to grow up. With the help of the fairy Tinker Bell (Yara Shahidi), Wendy, John and Michael fly to Neverland.

Peter Pan & Wendy Reviews (2023)

Once there, they are attacked by a pirate ship led by Captain Hook (Jude Law), who wants revenge on Peter for cutting off his right hand and throwing it to a crocodile.

Captain Hook and his partner, Mr. Smee (Jim Gaffigan), shoots them with a cannon, causing them to fall from the sky, and Wendy is separated from Peter and his brother. He then meets Tiger Lily (Alyssa Wapanatâhk) and Tootles Lost Boys (Caelan Edie), and witnesses pirates capturing John and Michael.

Peter Pan & Wendy Movie Review

Wendy got a big role in the Neverland adventure

The strengthening of the plot in women is clearly visible in Peter Pan & Wendy this time. Like throwing away a whiny mermaid, a glimmer of a love triangle with Tiger Lily and almost all the interesting things that Tinkerbell has ever done, including several attempts to kill Wendy.

Instead, the title of this film could be reversed to Wendy & Peter Pan. Or even Wendy, Tinker Bell, Tiger Lily & Peter Pan. Especially Wendy, played by Anderson, looks stunning as an important character in this story who finds her own strength during the film.

In this magical world, girls have powers and represent the main characters needed to save the boys in their lives.

Peter Pan & Wendy Reviews (2023)

All things that seem to turn from fairy tales into two blades for the Peter Pan connoisseur. Moreover, many roles deviate from being in accordance with the ingrained figures in children’s memories with their Disney fairy tales.

While the grand plot of Wendy’s adventures in Neverland appears enjoyable, questions abound about this new adaptation. The choice of pirates as Peter Pan’s eternal rivals, is not too disturbing. But then again, the adventure game gets rougher and too twisted for all ages to enjoy.

There is a truly subversive “Peter Pan” satire that can be made of the Peter-Tinkerbell relationship in this film: she is a small, mute woman who can basically accomplish nothing unless she uses a charismatic boy who refuses to grow up. as a tool.

Dark visuals don’t match

Peter Pan & Wendy Reviews (2023)

Lowery clearly admired the cartoon look. He and cinematographer Bojan Bazelli pay homage with their use of darker skies, stark shadows, unexpected camera angles and a beautiful color palette that shimmers like jewels in the darkness of the cave. However, these well-meaning choices struggle to come together into a satisfying picture.

The film’s satisfying climax

ironically, Peter Pan & Wendy lacks the spirit of youth. While Lowery certainly fits the melancholy elements of his narrative well, his grasp of grotesque is not as strong. Instead of going into adventure mode once the kids get to Neverland, this film actually softens into a boring middle section.

Peter Pan & Wendy Reviews (2023)

The action-packed climax, which also serves as a therapy session for the main characters, has dreamlike imagery and gives Captain Hook a satisfying outlet befitting his incarnation.

Peter Pan & Wendy Conclusion

The whole film feels like it’s lost its life as a fairy tale to reject adults, and one might sometimes wonder if Lowery and Toby Halbrooks co-writers, wanted to dig deeper than Peter Pan and the world of Neverland.

In terms of cast selection and film coloring, it really doesn’t reflect the joy of adventure in Neverland. Despite Disney’s slick CGI support, it won’t justify turning many aspects of Peter Pan & Wendy.


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