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The world of politics is not only for men and class capitalists. Ordinary people, who attach importance to idealism, can prove to be leaders in the latest Netflix drama titled Queenmaker.

Queenmaker directed by Oh Jin-seok. Previously, he has directed many Korean dramas such as Goddess of Marriage, Yong-Pal, My Sassy Girl, until Love With Flaws.

Apart from Kim Hae-ae and Moon So-ri, this drama also stars Ryu Soo-young as Baek Jae-min, and Kim Tae-hoon as Ma Jung-seok.

Queenmaker review

Queenmaker Synopsis

Queenmaker tells the story of the struggle of two women to uphold justice in a world full of corruption, collusion, and nepotism.

Hwang Do-hee (played by Kim Hee-ae) used to be the general manager for the strategic planning team at Eunsung Group, before being fired from his job. Throughout his career, he handled cases that disturbed the company and was highly trusted by the leadership.

One day, Do-hee joins Oh Kyung-sook’s (Moon So-ri) campaign to become the mayor of Seoul. Kyung-sook herself is a human rights lawyer, who often opposes the Eunsung Group. He decides to run for mayor with the aim of fighting for the weak.

During the election, the two often fought with different opinions. Even so, they are fighting for the same end goal.

Queenmaker Movie Review

Endless tension

queenmaker review

Queenmaker harshly criticizes how politicians try to gain power. Mental and physical attacks continue to occur in order to stop Do-hee and Kyung-sook’s power. The two repeatedly battled various evil tricks, one after another, that the audience didn’t even think about. Starting from slander, data manipulation, to cruel murders.

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This drama also presents the unique ways of the successors to sway public opinion, special groups, to the mass media. Once again, the legal system can be extremely vulnerable to manipulation by the rich and powerful, especially in a capitalist society.

Present the utopia of the world of politics

What if women were given free space in the world of politics? As if wanting to dismiss the fact that many government seats are controlled by men, Queenmaker presents a beautiful utopia for women. Dominating part of the storyline, this drama presents the reality that happens to a mother/career woman, while softening the situation even more.

Urged by conscience, Kyung-sook and Do-hee advance to the political arena in order to eradicate KKN which is ingrained. Even though they have different backgrounds, the two of them agree to move forward in order to overthrow a strong candidate named Baek Jae-min.

While Do-hee has to give up her husband for a glorious career, the emotional upheaval of a mother occurs in the Kyung-sook family. Being active in the world of politics, the son becomes a fresh target from competitors. Luckily, her husband is always understanding and understands Kyung-sook’s dream of upholding justice.

queenmaker 2 review

Interesting chemistry from the women

The fierce dispute that develops into a friendly relationship between Do-hee and Kyung-sook becomes one of the drama’s greatest strengths Queenmaker. Coming from different backgrounds and having different ideologies, they need each other if they are to overthrow the Eunsung Group, a company tied to many South Korean institutions.

As well as the dramatic tension, the two women also deliver some unexpected humor. Watching the interactions between the two is really fun and makes this drama not boring.

Queenmaker Conclusion

Queenmaker become one of the interesting shows that can be enjoyed in one full day. The episodes that don’t have too many make this drama an interesting choice. Carrying political drama, Queenmaker also tells how the struggle of women / mothers in achieving their dreams.

Known as a creature that relies on emotions, this drama dispels the many statements that women cannot sit in politics. This is actually an advantage, because women can see from an unreachable side that can only be seen by feelings.

While the series can be a little long, it’s easy to overlook minor flaws Queenmaker at the sight of stunning performances, intriguing plots, and unexpected twists.


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