Revenant (2023) Movie Review

The Korean drama Revenant in the supernatural horror genre aired from June 23, 2023 until the final episode on July 29, 2023. With a length of 12 episodes, director Lee Jeong-lim has was assisted by Kim Jae-hong to make a drama from Articles of Kim Eun-hee.

Airing on SBS for Korea and select regions can be viewed on Disney Plus Hotstar. This movie is played by Kim Tae-Ri, Jin Sun-kyu, Oh Jung-se, Hong Kyung, and many others. This is a review of Revenant By Bumareview.

Revenant movie synopsis (2023)

In Goo SanYeong (Kim Tae-Ri) there is an evil spirit, which turns out to be related to the death of his father Goo Gangmoo (Jin Sun-kyu). Before he died, Gangmoo asked Professor Yeom Haesang (Oh Jung-se) to help take care of his son.

Professor Haesang is an expert in traditional history, so it is possible to know evil spirits from the time of ancestors. GS. Haesang knows that in SanYeong’s body there is a spirit from the dark.

The longer SanYeong’s hair shadow, the stronger the evil spirit and shows that it has hurt others again. This demon can cause people to commit suicide, making it difficult to prove the culprit on the police side.


Two detectives investigate Seo Munchun (Kim Won-hae) and Lee Hongsae (Hong Kyung). Hongsae is SanYeong’s high school friend so he has no doubts. However, every time there is a new suicide, SanYeong is always around the crime scene.

Munchun is a senior police officer who has been investigating strange suicides for a long time. It was easier to bring in Hongsaae’s comrades, but the two of them couldn’t find any evidence and didn’t believe in ghosts at first.

This is very difficult to prove and find a way out, as the police cannot point to solid evidence that ghosts are the culprit. On the other hand, SanYeong and Prof. Haesang continues to search for the identity of the evil spirit, which is also related to Haesang’s past.

Revenant Review (2023)

The key to Kim Tae-ri’s smooth performance

SanYeong is the main character possessed by a demon. In Revenant, SanYeong is not a character that is always subconscious. We will be shown 2 different personalities, when SanYeong is his true self, and when a mysterious evil spirit acts.

Kim Tae-Ri succeeds from the start, deepening the mystery. Even until the end of the episode, all the clues are still hard to find the truth. Where SanYeong initially persistently searches for the truth about the spirit’s identity and how to banish it, while the victims also fall into their hands.

Revenant movie review

In a few scenes, we know immediately when an evil spirit takes control of SanYeong’s body, and when SanYeong awakens. A very noticeable change in personality, beautifully and smoothly portrayed even though both are female characters.

In the middle, SanYeong has an eye problem that makes the tension of the drama soar. Especially in the last episodes, we are still in the loop of mystery. An evil spirit, knowing its identity, became more frenzied and took SanYeong’s body from Kim Tae-Ri’s hands.

The secondary conflict strengthens the main focus of the evil spirit

This movie doesn’t just focus on finding and banishing evil spirits in the main character’s body. Along the way, they also encounter cases involving spirits.

Although not many, criminal cases involving the supernatural are interesting to follow. One example is the case of a family with a child’s vengeful spirit. The incident was initially suspected of bullying.

Movie Revenant

Then there is the case of loan sharks, but the victim is related to the demon, so he can commit suicide. This case happened to SanYeong, because at that time he needed money.

The most interesting are the thefts of luxury items, which give us a hungry and greedy soul for wealth. This acts as a bridge to the main plot, as evil spirits wander around due to the pesugihan ritual begging for wealth.

The relationship between criminal and supernatural cases

It is very difficult to find the truth of a case from a supernatural point of view. Here 2 detective characters, make us think scientifically and logically, when there is a new case.


However, the main characters Sanyeong and Haesang lead us on a different path. Find connections to spirits or past events, whether revenge or unresolved problems in life.

The different approaches are quite contradictory. How many logical proofs, must be strung together to perfect by the way of myth in the end. In fact, like it or not, these two policemen still believe in the supernatural things that they have witnessed themselves.

Slow to the peak

Perhaps this movie is confusing for those who don’t like the mystery genre. Everything was a mystery from the very beginning. Kim Tae Ri’s main character also manages to keep us wondering until the end of the story.

Movie Revenant review

The good thing is that Revenant only focuses on 3 characters, Sanyeong, Haesang and Hongsaae. The rest, like Sanyeong’s mother, Yoon Gyung-moon (Park Ji-young) and Haesang’s grandmother, Na Byung-hee (Park Ji-young), appear to reinforce the main plot.

There are not many additional characters, which can make the plot more complicated. Regarding the past life of the devil, the 50s did not appear much. Flashback interjects to reinforce the main issue, it will be in season 2 of the series, around episode 6 and up.

Conclusion of the movie Revenant (2023)

The success of this film cannot be separated from the acting of the actors. Especially Kim Tae Ri, who can play 2 different characters in him. Without too many supporting players, keeping the main focus of the plot running in the subplot ties everything together.


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