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Boxer sequel “legacy” from Rocky Baloba continues even though he is entering retirement age at Creed III. Michael B. Jordan this time serves as a director in addition to the main character. Still carrying several old roles such as Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Wood Harris, Florian Munteanu, and Tony Bellew.

Creed III made its first broadcast debut in Mexico City on February 9, 2023. Airing in Indonesia starting March 1, 2023, ‘Creed III’ has conducted a special screening at IMAX XXI Gandaria City. The film was produced by Ryan Coogler, Keenan Coogler and Zach Baylin. This would be a Creed film without Sylvester Stallone’s appearance as Rocky Balboa.

This film has actually been planned since September 2019 and only started the shooting process in January 2022 and ended in April 2022. Creed III reaped quite a lot of positive responses and criticism by gaining 90% of 82 critics. Is this the last film from Creed?

Creed III (2023) Synopsis

Entering retirement, Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) focuses on business and promotes young boxers to shine. Felix Chavez (Jose Benavidez) is the champion he created. However, Adonis’ childhood friend suddenly appears named Damian (Jonathan Majors).

Damian and Adonis have childhood memories, and have been considered as brothers themselves. Damian, who was also a former boxer, didn’t have time to fight professionally because he had to spend his teenage years behind bars.

Creed III (2023)

Damian’s desire to become a professional boxer is still there even though he is no longer young. Damian forced Adonis to orbit him. However, in the end the two of them had to share a corner of the ring for the final match. Did their past problems make the grudge in the ring so passionate?

Creed III (2023) Movie Review

The plot doesn’t get off track

Since the first film, Creed has always presented stories about the life of Adonis, who is influential in the boxing ring. This time Adonis plays with his feelings with his childhood friend. It shows several flashbacks of Adonis and Damian’s childhood, where we have to put together the puzzle to assemble what really happened in the past.

Creed III (2023)

If you didn’t watch the first and second films, it won’t be a problem. Childhood life is not like what happened in the first film when Adonis only lives with his mother. Since the beginning of Damian’s appearance, the plot will continue to advance to the feud of these two boxers.

With a bit of dark past, the grudges and emotions of the two main characters continue to grow. Without the intervention of new characters, the rivalry that is completely new in this film can create a perfect conflict at the end of the fight.

Teasing boxing fans

Creed III (2023)

Not only does it tell the story of the rivalry of 2 boxers, but there are several things about the world of professional boxing Creed III. This film features one real professional boxer Canelo Alvarez who appears as cameo. Unfortunately, the mentor Rocky Balboa did not reveal his life at all. Then promotional events such as talk show and advertising promotions, will add enthusiasm to the match in the boxing ring.

Although only 2 big matches are in the movie Creed III, these 2 fights have become enthusiastic and adrenaline rush for boxing lovers. Since the first fight, boxing matches have been held in large stadiums with many spectators. Big matches are held like events from big promoters that we usually see on television.

Action in the ring as a climax

Creed III (2023)

The most awaited final match was indeed Adonis versus Damian. “Donnie” Creed versus Dame “Diamond” is the climactic match full of slick choreography. Damian’s first match, was our first introduction to Damian’s movements and strategies in the ring. Several flashbacks when Damian boxed, made the match even more exciting.

The choreography of the two actors who are not boxers appeared extraordinary. Boxing techniques that might be in-notice professional boxers are so cared for. impact that emerges from the punches was thunderous with the support of effects “slow-motion”. For boxing spectators maybe angle being so close to the boxers is inconvenient, as long-range cameras outside the ring are more convenient.

Creed III (2023) Conclusion

Creed III (2023)

The legacy of boxing in film has once again performed brilliantly even though it has been 5 years since the second film. Creed III bringing rival fights with deeper emotions than the past. Plot trip “to do point” no frills excessive drama, a plus in itself.

For boxing fans, CreedIII would be very satisfying in any way. Not only fighting in the ring, various elements in training as a professional boxer are also shown quite a lot. Several figures who wrestle in the world of professional boxing also appear as cameo so much fun.


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