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Love Again is a romantic comedy film which is a remake of the German film titled SMS fur Dich or Text For You if translated in English and released in 2016 ago. The German-language film was actually adapted from the novel of the same name by Sofie Cramer which was published in 2009. The film will also feature Celine Dion playing the role of herself and making her debut playing in a film, as well as a cameo from Nick Jonas where his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas plays one of the main roles.

Love Again Synopsis

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Two years after her fiancé died in a tragic car accident, a popular children’s book author sends a romantic message to her boyfriend’s old phone number which is now used as the office number of a music journalist. Intrigued by this, the journalist found out who sent the message. And after the two met, they started liking each other but the problem was the journalist didn’t tell her that she was the one who received the message.

Love Again begins with the introductory scene about the tragic death of John (Arinze Kene), lover of Mira the children’s book writer. And quickly the scene shifts to two years later, where Mira Ray (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) can’t forget John and can’t escape her grief. Mira then poured out her ups and downs through a message which was then sent to John’s old telephone number. But without Mira knowing it, the messages were received by Rob Burns, a music journalist.

Meanwhile, Rob is also trying to overcome loss and heartbreak after a week before his wedding he was abandoned by his girlfriend. Rob, who is interested in messages sent by Mira, tries to find out everything about Mira. Once upon a time, Rob got an assignment from his office to interview Celine Dion who was about to start her new tour, where in the end Celine Dion asked Rob to tell her about it. Rob finally seeks help from Celine Dion to find out how to meet Mira in person and win her heart.

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Love Again Movie Review

The classic premise of You’ve Got Mail

In Love Again, Celine is present in her role of being herself. Celine has just returned to being active after overcoming the pain of being abandoned by her beloved husband and manager, Rene Angelil. She became something of a love therapist and mother figure for Rob by providing advice and support to help him in his love life. Rob then succeeded and became acquainted with Mira and they started dating.

Love Again is a recent variation on the “anonymous pen pal” premise similar to the film Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starred in You’ve Got Mail in 1998. Or even further, the premise is the same as the 1940 film, which was still a black and white film, The Shop Around the Corner who exchanged romantic messages via correspondence. The premise of the three films has one thing in common when two strangers send anonymous messages to each other and end up falling in love with each other.

In this film, Celine Dion is the selling point of Love Again, but a central narrative that follows the romantic entanglement between Rob and a still grieving Mira. Basically, Love Again explores themes of love, chance, hope and the presentation of wounded souls. Mira Ray, who is still grieving and hurting from the loss of the people she loves, finds it very difficult to forget John and chooses to confine herself rather than “move on”. Meanwhile, even though Rob’s heartbreak was not detailed further, he still often “stalked” his old girlfriend through his social media accounts.

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The two wounded souls finally met each other and what became a problem was the non-disclosure of one of the parties about how he actually knew the true state of his partner, who first poured out the sadness and longing that was sent via a cell phone message found by Rob. But after that everything then became the cliché of all romance movies.

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Talking about romance films, where chemistry is vital, the romantic relationship between Rob and Mira is seen as two people who are again overwhelmed by the hope of getting back someone they love. Their romance looks like two people are in love and rediscover their lost love. Lots of deep emotional scenes Love Again filled with fitting by the background song. And speaking of soundtracks, it’s definitely the deep songs Love Again many are filled with songs from Celine Dion, both new songs and old songs. One of them is a popular single from 1993, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.

Love Again Conclusion

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Love Again will really entertain us when Indonesian cinemas are filled with superhero films. The strength of the story, the message conveyed is also very touching, even though the narrative is not classified as original, the chemistry of the two main characters is very deep and touching. This film is worth watching as a must watch. For those of us who like Celine Dion, when else will we see this singer acting on the big screen besides on Love Again. So hurry up and watch the movie.


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