Review Ups and Downs (2022)

Grief story turned into a comedy? Why not? This time, Vidio is back with an Indonesian series with a unique, interesting and intriguing story that is ready to captivate the audience. By featuring a number of top players, ‘Love, Grief and Sorrow’ is a spectacle that you must watch!

‘Suka Duka Berduka’ was produced by Rapi Films and Kalyana Shira Films and directed by the collaboration of Andri Cung and Nia Dinata. Premiering on July 7, this series can be watched in full with a total of 8 episodes.

Ups and Downs Synopsis

‘Suka Duka Berduka’ tells the story of the life of the Afan family who is a respected family in the capital city. Rauf Afan, 77 years old, was found by his young wife Lilis (Atiqah Hasiholan), to have died of a heart attack, after successively eating lamb satay, durian and cold beer.

To honor the deceased, recitations are also held regularly on the 3rd, 7th and 40th days. This is where stories and emotions emerge.

One by one, Rauf Afan’s grandchildren and relatives, namely Mitha (Ersa Mayori), Ella (Luna Maya), Rasyid (Oka Antara), Paul (Tora Sudiro), Naumi (Jihane Almira), Ipung (Krisjiana Baharudin), Vano (Samudra Taylor) ), Indri (Ayushita) and NJT (Jajang C Noer) came together to attend a series of recitations.

Starting with a dispute over inheritance, Ipung who keeps throwing tantrums, NJT comes with thousands of fantastic past stories and his erotic words, then there is Rasyid who is full of mystery to Paul who is trying to become the governor of Jakarta.

Various conflicts ensued culminating in a series of events that were thrilling, touching, producing the loudest tears but also inviting the loudest laughs. The description of a family that can find the essence of Joy and Sorrow in Grief.

Ups and Downs Movie Review

Thick of satirical comedy

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A satirical comedy is a comedy that contains satirical statements (pain, bitterness, and so on) towards a situation or a person. Usually this type of comedy is often shown in a theatrical performance. However, not a few films or series also use this type of comedy.

‘Suka Duka Berduka’, from the title alone reflects what will be told in this 8 episode series. It’s true, this series depicts how a family is facing a grieving moment, namely the loss of a loved and loved person, with feelings of joy and sorrow.

Usually, if we lose the closest person in a family, of course, we will definitely feel grief in the form of sadness, right? However, what happens if the incident becomes something full of joy and brings joy and joy.

Especially when it comes to the distribution of inheritance and the reading of wills which have been discussed from the start and rushed to be discussed as soon as possible.

Taking the satirical comedy genre, ‘Suka Duka Berduka’ is really thick with dark jokes in the midst of an atmosphere of mourning. If the audience is not used to it or has quite sensitive feelings then this series will not be for you.

Not only adult-themed chats, but disgraceful behavior such as taking drugs in the middle of a corpse bath is also shown. Each character has their own problems which also have their own characteristics in giving a touch of dark comedies.

There is NJT who always discusses his youth experiences which are told with tickling vulgar words plus expressions that manage to evoke laughter, then there is Rasyid who apparently keeps a big secret about his twisted romance, and there is Ipung who always causes trouble.

Unique and multiple serving styles twist interesting

Opened with narration read by Naumi (Jihane Almira Chedid) in each episode along with unique introductions for the main characters and those that have just appeared, making ‘Suka Duka Berduka’ a unique and interesting presentation style.

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‘Suka Duka Berduka’ consistently uses Naumi’s point of view with her voice that is like a dalang, telling every problem experienced by her husband’s family, Ipung. Therefore, the audience will immediately know the conflict that will occur thanks to the hint that Naumi gave at the opening of the episode.

Although visually quite disturbed by the technique zoom out/in which is used very often, but all of that is slightly obscured and distracted by the way Nia Dinata and Andri Cung tell the storyline in ‘Suka Duka Berduka’.

Apart from that, what was most interesting and made the audience laugh astonished were the many presences twist interesting and unexpected. One of them is about Rasyid who turns out to be gay. It’s enough to make the audience surprised and a little regret that it happened.

The players appear with a strong soul

Starring top players such as Luna Maya, Ersa Mayori, Atiqah Hasiholan, Oka Antara, Tora Sudiro and Jajang C. Noer, as well as experienced young actors and actresses, of course you can imagine how they all acted?

Yep, all of them have succeeded in providing a strong inspiration for every character they play. Starting from Opa Rauf’s children who worked together to find a will and plan to divide the inheritance, the maid who was in a dilemma about who to join after the house was sold, to the grandchildren-in-law who came with their own problems.

Everything runs and flows naturally without any awkwardness at all, like a real family. It’s not only the main character who manages to give a family look full of chaos, the additional players also deserve attention.

Therefore, Andir Cung and Nia Dinata seem to have deliberately placed the comic Anyun Cadel in a character as a helper who can’t always carry out his duties properly. However, that’s where Anyun’s characteristic is that he provides funny entertainment for the audience.

Ups and Downs Conclusion

‘Suka Duka Berduka’ succeeded in presenting a satirical comedy drama about the struggle for inheritance in the midst of an atmosphere of mourning. Through its unique presentation style and placement twist tickling, making this series have a characteristic that is firmly attached to the hearts of its audience.

Totaling eight episodes, ‘Suka Duka Berduka’ makes good use of each episode. Starting from conflicts that arise between families, trivial problems during a series of recitation events, to the main problems, namely the reading of wills and the distribution of inheritance.

For Cilers who are looking for an entertaining show, ‘Suka Duka Berduka’ is the top recommendation that you must watch. However, for viewers who are a little sensitive to the type of satirical comedy jokes, it’s better to watch another Vidio series, OK, Cilers!


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