Sadako DX Movie Review

Fans of the horror film Sadako may be surprised by the way director Hisashi Kimura worked on this film, which is very far from the typical previous films from The Ring franchise .

Since her birth in 1995 or 27 years ago, the public has known Sadako as one of the most terrifying female ghosts in pop culture. Her long hair that covers her face, her horrific nail wounds, her eyes that make her heart drop, and of course the iconic well, are horror packages that fans of this genre film can’t forget.

Sadako DX movie introduction

This image is continuously reinforced through 10 films another Japanese horror Sadako. If you add up the films from South Korea and the United States, it means that there are 14 films that are all included in The Ring franchise .

Sadako DX is the 15th film of the installation. This is not a remake or reboot film , but continues the legend of the deadly terror from the video cassette containing the ghost of Sadako coming out of the well, then giving a death curse to anyone who sees the video.

Even so, director Hisashi Kimura does not use the same recipe as the other 14 The Ring films. This can be seen immediately from the initial premise. In previous films, death would come seven days after someone watched Sadako’s video. But in Sadako DX , death will come within 24 hours.

Sadako DX Movie

To tell about this terror, a woman with an IQ of 200 named Ayaka Ichijo (Fuka Koshiba) is presented. In keeping with her intelligence level, Ayaka always thinks logically and doesn’t believe in Sadako’s curse. According to him, there is always a scientific explanation for this.

Of course, there were people who disagreed with Ayaka’s opinion. He is a fortune teller named Master Kenshin (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi). To prove Ayaka wrong, Master Kenshin gives her a copy of the video of Sadako coming out of the well.

Ayaka refused to watch the video. But unfortunately, his younger brother, Futuba (Yuki Yagi) is secretly watching it. From here, Futuba starts hallucinating, and more and more strange events occur making Ayaka start to believe in the legend of Sadako’s curse.

From here, overall the story of Sadako DX looks the same as other The Ring films. However, as the story moves, the audience will find ‘oddities’ in this film.

Review Sadako DX movie

First, Sadako DX seems to deliberately use a cinematographic style that seems cheap, like a film with a minimal budget. Even Sadako’s appearance was not as scary as before. At first glance, the atmosphere is like that of a b-movie .

But it needs to be underlined, this does not mean that the film does not make the heart beat . Believe me, Sadako’s terror here is still terrible.

But in the midst of the horror, the audience will realize that Sadako DXwant to be funny by placing the silly character Oji Maeda (Kazuma Kawamura). The behavior of this young psychic is often made dry and slapstick . The audience will keep laughing, both when his jokes are not funny and when he is really funny.

Sadako DX Movie Review

Another character that makes Sadako DX more like a comedy than a horror film is the presence of a mysterious man who always helps Ayaka in breaking the curse that befalls Futaba. When he met Oji, the audience’s laughter was complete.

Interestingly, the director is still able to combine horror scenes with comedy. That is, when we are scared, he can also make us laugh. Vice versa. This is what makes Sadako DX unique and surprisingly fresh.

There is an impression that director Hisashi Kimura is making a parody of Sadako. He completely destroyed Sadako’s image which was full of horror and curse.

Wait until the end of the story for the credits to appear and disappear completely. It is guaranteed that the audience who is not too familiar with Sadako’s story will laugh at the diehard fans.

Sadako DXhas been broadcast starting today (25/11) in cinema networks.


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