Saiyo Sakato Reviews (2020)

Saiyo Sakato (Minangkabau Language: Seia Sekata) is a 2020 Indonesian web series directed by Gina S. Noer and starring Cut Mini, Nirina Zubir, and Lukman Sardi in the main roles. Although this series is an exclusive release of GoPlay Originals on the GoPlay streaming service, Saiyo Sakato just aired on the Netflix streaming service and can be watched by subscribers.

Gina S. Noer serves as director, showrunner, and writer, along with Salman Aristo as showrunner. A number of collaborators such as Arief Ash Shiddiq, Aditya Ahmad, and Arief Malinmudo were also involved in the production team.

Saiyo Sakato Synopsis

Shortly after the death of her husband Da Zul (Lukman Sardi), his two wives, Mar (Cut Mini) and Nita (Nirina Zubir) discovered that they had shared husbands.

Da Zul, who is the owner of a well-known Minang restaurant, apparently left the same recipe book to his two wives.

Things got even worse when Mar refused to accept Nita’s recklessness in opening a Minang food restaurant with the same name directly across from her restaurant, Saiyo Sakato.

Saiyo Sakato Movie Review

Family drama with comedy seasoning

As one might expect, this series is very thick with family values. Although the background of the wives is still poorly explained, however Saiyo Sakato still showing the warmth and chemistry of the Da Zul family. Each character – first wife, second wife, children, to Da Zul’s brother, is given a separate scene on the screen so that it can support the story.

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Uniquely, this drama does not only talk about family. There are interesting love stories – like the Indonesian version of Romeo and Juliet with culinary spices, there are stories about dreams, or even the struggle for emancipation. In addition, so that the audience does not get bored, Saiyo Sakato also insert light comedy. As a result, 10 episodes with a duration of about 30 minutes will not feel gloomy and long.

What’s even more interesting is that Saiyo Sakato is how this series shows patriarchal elements, but also presents women’s struggles. This condition is illustrated by the character Annisa (Fergie Brittany), who is very ambitious to become the successor of Saiyo Sakato. Even though her father and mother asked Zaenal (Chicco Kurniawan) to take the position, Annisa continues to prove herself that she is competent and can handle Saiyo Sakato without having to worry about gender issues.

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On the other hand, it’s a bit unsettling to see how the figure of the late. Da Zul doesn’t seem to be affected by his lies. Men seem to be tolerated to have two wives, and are free from the problems that their two wives have to face. Saiyo Sakato alluding to how men are so exalted, seeing that the whole story is almost always centered on the figure of Da Zul.

Endless conflict

Mar and Nita gradually realized that this was not their fault. Both are victims of Da Zul’s lies and dreams. This conflict should have been realized from the start. However, their egos that hurt each other gave rise to an aura of competition.

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As the episode progresses, the conflict feels endless. There is always something that becomes a problem, even though the world does not only revolve around Da Zul’s wives. There is Zaenal, who cannot get to know his half-sister closer. There is Annisa, who has to sacrifice forbidden love, even though it is difficult for her to open her heart. Or even the younger siblings of Tek Cie (Upiak Isil) and Pak Etek Eri (Chandra Satria) who cannot remember their childhood because of this polygamy conflict. If there were no comedic elements in Saiyo Sakato, this drama might end up very boring.

Happy completion

Unlike initial expectations, the ending of Saiyo Sakato is less explosive and less emotionally draining. Although it does have a happy ending for each wife, the nuances of competition continue to emerge even to the end. The happy news from Annisa and Emir (Jourdy Pranata) also did not make Mar and Nita angry, in fact the two of them just kept quiet and left without a word.

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Thanks to the intervention of their in-laws, Mar and Nita finally tolerate each other’s existence. They just want the best for their family at this time. As a result, no one is harmed.

Saiyo Sakato Conclusion

Saiyo Sakato is a fun family drama to enjoy together. Cut Tari’s cuteness and Nirina Zubir’s innocence have succeeded in bringing this series to life. The chemistry that is built between the characters is also well built. For those who want to watch, Saiyo Sakato can be enjoyed via the Netflix streaming service.


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