Sakra (2023) Movie Review

Those of you who are fans of action films , especially action films made in China, are definitely no stranger to the famous Hong Kong action actor, Donnie Yen. It is certain that Yen will return to enliven Hollywood through John Wick: Chapter 4 . But before seeing Yen in John Wick: Chapter 4 , you can first see Yen’s latest action in a film called Sakra .

Apart from acting as the main actor, Yen turns out to be acting as the director of Sakra , you know! Sakra turns out to be a film adaptation of a novel titled Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils . A line of actors who starred in Sakra besides Donnie Yen, including Chen Yuqi, Cya Liu, Wu Yue, and other Chinese actors.

Sakra is about the leader of a Beggar gang, named Qiao Feng, who is suddenly accused of murdering the deputy leader of the gang. The accusation finally got Qiao Feng kicked out of the Beggar gang. Not accepting these accusations, Qiao Feng goes on a journey to find out the person who slandered him as well as find out about his family’s origins.

Sakra movie review

A wuxia film that really sells action

For those of you who don’t know, wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction about the adventures of martial arts experts set in ancient China. Well, Sakra is one of the films that fall into the wuxia genre . As a wuxia genre film , especially starring and directed by Donnie Yen, Sakra is sure to present a series of exciting actions that can’t be doubted.

The action shown in this film is non-stop, from the beginning to the end of the film. Sakra even opens with an epic battle scene between Qiao Feng and a monk, which begins with a fight with chopsticks. Qiao Feng, the main character, is truly described as a hero who is completely unbeatable in martial arts.


Sakra can be considered as a party for anyone who loves action. Unfortunately, the quality of this film’s story is not comparable to the action that is jor-rod. The duration of the film is quite long, which is 132 minutes or 2 hours 12 minutes. Unfortunately, this film includes too many things so that the storytelling is too dense and rushed.

Too many characters introduced at once

As explained in the point above, the quality of the story presented by Sakra is not comparable to the action which is so epic . One of the reasons why the storytelling of this film feels so dense is because too many characters are introduced in one film. Even from the beginning of the film, we are immediately introduced to the many important members of the Beggar gang.

Movie sakra

Haven’t finished memorizing the people in the Beggars gang, suddenly another group of new characters appears, then another new character, and so on, even up to the ending of the film, there are new characters! This film doesn’t give the audience a chance to remember the characters at all.

Director Donnie Yen and his scriptwriting team were clearly too hasty to introduce most of the important characters and royal names in the novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils . Unfortunately, this makes the audience less able to bond with the various characters. You might also find it difficult to digest the story and backstory of Qiao Feng, the main character.

There are too many coincidences that make the story nonsensical

Sakra ‘s problem is not just about too many character introductions that interfere with the experience of watching the film. This film also presents too many coincidences that feel so forced for the continuation of the story in the film. Apart from feeling forced, the coincidences in this film also create a lot of subplots.

There is a scene that shows Qiao Feng suddenly being saved by a mysterious person when he starts to get overwhelmed against the Beggar gang. Yep, a coincidence that saved Qiao Feng. Another coincidence also occurs with the character Azhu, who becomes Qiao Feng ‘s love interest . In the middle of his journey, Azhu suddenly met parents he had never met in a strange way.

Review sakra

Aside from the coincidence problem, another thing that bothers Sakra is that many of the scenes are overly dramatized. There are several scenes that come with a score that is so excited, even though these scenes are not something big. In addition, there are scenes that are displayed in a rather strange editing style with the aim of adding elements of dramatization to the scene.

If your goal is to find a film full of epic martial arts action , Sakra is definitely the answer. But keep in mind, Sakra is not a satisfying film if you want to find an action movie with a good story. Too many characters and subplots that appear in Sakra make the story not as fancy as the action scenes.

After reading the review of the film Sakra , are you interested in watching this action film? For those who have watched, don’t forget to share your opinion about this film, OK?


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