Scandal Makers (2023) Movie Review

While enjoying his single life , a famous radio announcer named Oskar is suddenly visited by a girl who claims to be his daughter.

Not only that, Oskar gets a ‘bonus’ of a grandson who looks very troublesome to him. You can watch this story in the Indonesian comedy film Scandal Makers (2023), which was directed by Jeihan Angga.

Adapting the story from the Korean film of the same title by Kang Hyeong Cheol, the Indonesian version is a bit boring . Even this film produced by MD Pictures and Dapur Film feels a bit simple and not very interesting to watch. In fact, the quality of acting provided by Vino G. Bastian, Beby Tsabina and Jared Ali looks quite promising and enjoyable.

So what’s the story, Oskar can have a daughter and grandchildren? For those of you who are curious about the full story, you can read the synopsis and film reviews only on Bumareview.

Synopsis Scandal Makers (2023)

  • Year of Release 2023
  • Genres Comedy , Drama , Music
  • Director Jeihan Angga
  • Cast ∙ Vino G. Bastian ∙ Beby Tsabina ∙ Jared Ali ∙ Frederika Cull

Oskar ( Vino G. Bastian ) is a handsome radio broadcaster who is loved by various walks of life. His radio programs are always popular and never empty of listeners.

In the broadcast program he brought, there was a girl who always shared stories with him. The girl is named Karin (Beby Tsabina) who tells of her efforts to meet her father.

Karin’s life was not easy, since she was born she never knew her biological father. In the village, the mother never wanted to talk about her father.

The reason, because he did not want to burden and interfere with Karin’s life. However, after her mother died a year ago, Karin decided to find her biological father.

scandal makers

She always shares Karin’s sad life story on Oskar’s radio show. Even the listeners are always enthusiastic and looking forward to how Karin’s story of finding her father will continue.

But what shocked Oskar was that he didn’t suspect that the father figure Karin was looking for was himself. Oskar’s career is in danger of being destroyed when Karin suddenly appears in his life and claims to be his daughter.

Not alone, Karin brings her five-year-old son Gempa (Jared Ali). At first, Oskar continues to deny that he is Karin’s biological father.

Unfortunately, DNA testing proves that Oskar is Karin’s biological father and Gempa’s grandfather. Forced to accommodate his children and grandchildren, initially Oskar feels overwhelmed living with new people.

But slowly the family ties began to emerge, Oskar seemed to be getting closer to Gempa. Oskar also supports Karin to take part in a singing contest held by his radio.

While living together, Karin and Gempa have to pretend that they are Oskar’s nieces. Not long ago enjoying the beauty of his family, Oskar was shocked by a slanted news.

A gossip journalist says that he has evidence of an affair between Oskar and Karin. This makes Oskar worried, so he accidentally takes his anger out on Karin.

Even the secrets they were hiding were finally caught by journalists. In front of the audience, his own children and grandchildren, do you think Oskar will admit his past mistakes or not?

Scandal Makers (2023) Movie Review

Effortless Remake Movie

Scandal Makers (2023) not only retains its title, but overall this film is indeed similar to the Korean version.

Starting from the storyline, in general I see no significant difference in plot. There’s nothing to even try to make the storyline more localized, it all feels like a plagiarism of Kang Hyeong Cheol’s version.

Review scandal makers

Jeihan Angga and Alim Sudio only changed a few things, such as replacing alcoholic drinks with durians. There is also a deleted scene when the child and father sleep in the same bed.

The rest of the storyline of this film is exactly the same as the Korean version, starting from the meeting between Oskar and Karin, then Gempa who is an expert at playing the piano and cards, all of this material is in the Korean version of Scandal Maker (2008).

To be honest, the storyline presented by Jeihan Angga and Alim Sudio feels very boring, even for people who haven’t watched the Korean version yet.

It feels like MD Picture and Kitchen Film didn’t really work on this film. The only fun part comes in the last half of the film when Oskar and Karin have to admit their relationship.

Apart from that, there are many nothing characters that can actually be removed and focused on more important things.

For example, it gives more screentime to the character of a journalist who tries to expose Oksar’s disgrace. Then, removing the character of Miss Micah, the principal at Gemba Learning Kindergarten, because her character just disappeared towards the end of the story.

Saved By The Main Character

Vino G. Bastian is indeed at the peak of his popularity. From 2022 until early 2023, this Jakarta-born actor has starred in six films.

With the number of projects he’s worked on, I’m amazed because Vino looks flexible playing different characters. However, it must be admitted, Vino G. Bastian’s acting has been a bit sluggish day by day.

After his brilliant performance in Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2022), Perfect Stranger (2022) and Qodrat (2022), Vino seems to need some time off, because his appearances in The Miraculous Baby (2023) and Scandal Makers (2023) feel a bit lifeless.

The acting is indeed good, but it’s a bit boring to see Vino G. Bastian in various films with mediocre characters. Even so, I like the chemistry exuded by Vino G. Bastian and the child actor Jared Ali.

Having more screentime , the relationship between the grandfather and his grandson with similar personalities gives off an exciting impression. Likewise, the chemistry between Vino G. Bastian and Beby Tsabina is quite smooth .

Both Vino G. Bastian and Beby Tsabina presented their characters in a more elegant version. Vino did not make Oskar’s character as bad as Nam Hyeon Soo’s character, played by Cha Tae Hyun.

Likewise with Beby Tsabina who plays a calmer version of Karin. You could say this film was saved by the three main actors; Vino G. Bastian, Beby Tsabina and Jared Ali.

Worked sober and less attractive

Now I know why Scandal Makers (2023) chose to premiere on Prime Video. Examining the quality of the film, I will not lie that this film is not interesting and can lose to other commercial films.

scandal makers review

The only thing that looks aesthetically pleasing in Jeihan Angga’s film is the choice of Oskar’s Santorini-style house set. As for the quality of the cinematography, for me the shooting feels standard. There wasn’t even a single scene that amazed me.

The direction of the camera and the method of shooting are the same as the drama series that I usually watch on various platforms . The scoring is also nothing special, for me everything feels normal and less memorable .

Even for the comedic composition, in my opinion, the jokes sometimes feel less crisp. There are several scenes that made me feel less comfortable with the comedic side.

I think this happened because Jeihan Angga and Alim Sudio were too fixated on the original script. Thus, they are less used to making the plot more local with a touch of universal comedy .

Scandal Makers (2023) can be said to be like a copy and paste of the film of the same name by director Kang Hyeong Cheol. The plot feels monotonous and there are not many significant changes in the film directed by Jeihan Angga. At least this film was saved by the chemistry and brilliant acting of Vino G. Bastian, Beby Tsabina and Jared Ali.


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