Sea of ​​Radiation: Prologue Codes (New 2024)

In Sea of ​​Radiation: Prologue, players will be led into an extremely bleak and dangerous post-apocalyptic world. You will go on a journey to explore this post-apocalyptic universe, following clues to find out the mysteries about the origin of this terrible disaster. Do you have enough courage, strength and wisdom to overcome countless challenges and survive in a world full of unpredictable threats?

In the chaotic world of Sea of ​​Radiation: Prologue, you will face different challenges. Not only do they have to deal with fierce enemies, but they also have to grapple with the harmful effects of radiation. Every move, every decision can affect the character’s life. You must find ways to control radiation levels, manage water and food supplies skillfully, and always be alert to surrounding threats.

Your survival journey is more than just running away from dangers. Through this journey, you will gradually discover the mysteries of the origin of the nuclear disaster, and also learn about the key figures who contributed to shaping the destiny of this world. The choices you make will directly affect the outcome of the story, opening up many different endings depending on the player’s actions.

Sea of Radiation:Prologue

With vivid graphics, engaging storylines and unexpected details, Sea of ​​Radiation: Prologue promises to bring a realistic and tense experience in a post-apocalyptic world full of dangers. Players will face difficult decisions, choosing between survival or sacrifice, between loyalty or betrayal. These choices not only affect individual characters, but can also change the fate of the entire post-apocalyptic world.

If you want to explore and experience a dangerous post-apocalyptic world, get ready to overcome countless challenges and mysteries in Sea of ​​Radiation: Prologue. This promises to be an unparalleled adventure, challenging both the player’s life and intelligence.

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Learn about the game Sea of ​​Radiation: Prologue

In the game Radiant Ocean, players will be taken into a sea world that is seriously affected by nuclear radiation leaks. All living creatures here are gradually mutating and losing their original forms. The player will take on the role of a normal fish, struggling to survive in this radioactively polluted environment. By attacking and eating other fish, the player will continue to absorb more radiation and transform, from a small fish gradually growing into a giant monster that dominates the ocean.

The player’s main goal is to develop and gradually build his own giant sea monster, by accumulating radiation and eating other creatures. This process is not only challenging, but also very strategic and personalized. Players can choose different evolution paths based on their preferences, and each choice will bring unique effects to the sea monster’s abilities and appearance. As the story progresses, players will witness their character’s magical transformation, from a small fish to a ruler of the ocean, a process filled with a sense of achievement and the joy of discovery. .

The enemies in the game are not fixed, but will change randomly depending on the environment and the game’s progress, which adds to the uncertainty and complexity of the game. Each time players enter, they can expect to face entirely new challenges and enemies, forcing them to constantly adapt and adjust their strategies. The random enemy transformation mechanism also simulates the unpredictability of nature, making the gaming experience in Radiant Ocean richer and more vivid. Players must learn to survive and thrive in this ever-changing environment to eventually become the lord of the sea.

The ocean environment has become extremely dangerous and unstable due to radioactive pollution. There are many dangers hidden at the bottom of the sea, and players need to always be vigilant and use their intelligence to overcome difficulties. The ocean environment in crisis is not only the player’s enemy, but also an important element to enhance the gaming experience and bring more fun.


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