Shotgun Wedding (2022) Movie Review

Towards the end of 2022, we have a romantic action-comedy film starring Jennifer Lopez , namely Shotgun Wedding . This film was actually just released in Hollywood in January 2023 via the Prime Video service. However, Indonesia and Singapore are countries that have the opportunity to show this film in theaters starting December 28, 2022.

The synopsis for the film Shotgun Wedding tells the story of Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) who are about to get married on a private island. However, on the D-day, both of them were nervous and thought about canceling their wedding. The problem got worse when a group of pirates terrorized the island, so the two of them had to try to save themselves and their families.

Shotgun Wedding movie review

The story doesn’t feel special

Shotgun Wedding actually comes as an action-comedy film with an interesting premise. The two main characters in this film have to survive from pirates who come mysteriously in the midst of their relationship conflict before marriage. The setting which is located on a private island also makes all the conflicts in this film feel more exclusive.

Unfortunately, the packaging of the story in Shotgun Wedding doesn’t feel special at all and seems like an action-comedy film in general. Darcy and Tom’s relationship conflicts are also less relatable to real-life partners. This is most likely because Darcy and Tom’s background as a couple is still not explored deeply.

Shotgun Wedding movie

Well , basically Shotgun Wedding is indeed a “fun” film that doesn’t drain your brain because of the light conflict. However, there is no impression whatsoever that will leave an impression on the audience after watching the film.

Action scenes that help the film

Apart from the story which seems ordinary, Shotgun Wedding is quite successful in presenting quite satisfying action scenes. For those of you who like spectacle full of explosions like a film by Michael Bay , chances are you will also enjoy watching this film.

Review Shotgun Wedding movie

Moments of hand to hand combat in this film are also quite satisfying, especially in the ending . If you can say, the action scene is a savior from the storyline that doesn’t feel special. This fight scene is also what makes the film feel fun.

The only thing that is not comfortable is the fact that two civilians without a military background, namely Darcy and Tom, can overwhelm professional pirates. However, again, this film is indeed a “fun” spectacle that doesn’t care about logic at all.

Movie Shotgun Wedding

Comedy elements that are hit and miss

Comedy is of course a very important element in Shotgun Wedding . As a result, the comedic elements in this film actually feel quite hit and miss . This means that there are several moments that successfully make the audience laugh, but there are also a number of comedic scenes that feel dry or even cringe .

Comedy moments that work generally occur through dialogue and Jennifer Coolidge’s behavior as Darcy’s future in-laws, who feels “natural” silly and annoying. On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez as the main character in this film actually feels a bit excessive when acting with comedy nuances. Even so, the comedy in this film is quite suitable for those of you who have a sense of humor for small change.

Shotgun Wedding movie

Broadly speaking, Shotgun Wedding is a successful film in terms of action, but it fails to maximize the comedic elements and its interesting premise. If you are interested, you can watch this film in a number of Indonesian cinemas starting December 28, 2022.


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