Skater Girl (2021) Movie review

Skater Girl is a Netflix original film that was released on June 11, 2021 yesterday. This film was produced by two countries, namely India and the United States through production houses, Skatepark Films and Mac Productions.

Meanwhile, the shooting process was carried out in a village near Rajasthan named Khempur. This film briefly focuses on the story of a teenage girl from Rajasthan named Prerna, who is passionate about skateboarding.

However, because of the traditions and culture of the village, and his parents, he could not develop this hobby freely. Prerna then started skateboarding secretly, and tried to prove herself to them.

Synopsis Skater Girl (2021)

  • Year of Release 2021
  • Genres Drama , Family , Sports
  • Director Manjari Makijany
  • Cast ∙ Waheeda Rehman ∙ Jonathan Readwin ∙ Amy Maghera

In a remote village in Rajasthan, India , Prerna is a local girl whose life must be shackled by the traditions of her village which tend to be discriminatory.

In addition, his parents also had high hopes for him, and wanted him to get married soon. On the other hand, Prerna also has to sell with her mother so she can stay in school.

One day, a woman of Indian blood born in London, England, named Jessica, arrives in the village to find out about her late father’s past. Jessica herself works as an advertising executive for a company in London, and she takes a week off to be in the village.

When he was walking in the village, the shirt he was wearing accidentally got hit by mud thrown by children who were fighting. From there, Prerna met him and helped Jessica clean her shirt.

The kid who threw the mud turned out to be Prerna’s younger brother named Ankush, and he immediately apologized to Jessica.

skater girl

Long story short, Jessica became close to them and other local children. He then introduced skateboarding to all of them.

Due to Prerna’s enthusiastic interest, Jessica then asked her friend, Erick, who also lives in India, to come to the village to train Prerna to play the skateboard.

After being given skateboards by Jessica and Erick, Prerna and other children became crazy about skateboarding. However, their activities began to interfere with all activities, and that of other villagers.

As a result of this, one of the “high caste” citizens, who was a school teacher, finally banned skateboarding on the streets.

Because of that, Prerna felt sad because by playing skateboard she could be truly free, and felt more alive as a teenage girl. Jessica did not remain silent, and she also plans to build a skatepark in the village for children.

Jessica also tried to ask permission from the local government so that a skateboard championship could be held in the village. On the other hand, Prerna has to face a difficult choice because her father, who has a violent temper, destroys her skateboard and forces her to marry.

Skater Girl (2021) Review

Inspirational and Full of Meaning

The film Skater Girl unexpectedly became a Netflix film this year, which has an impressive storyline. This film flows quite impressively, and so does the storyline which is nicely arranged, easy to understand from the first minute to the end.

Skater Girl is not just a youth drama film, but this film is able to touch those of us who watch it. Especially when we see the journey of Prerna who was so persistent in “breaking” family traditions, and her village which was never fair to women, and “lower caste” residents.

Review skater girl

This film also tries to show how patriarchal culture, and social caste gaps, seem to still be inherent in the life of Indian society.

Skater Girl seems to be trying to highlight this problem with the portrayal of Prerna’s character, who wants to look advanced and visionary in her life.

Prerna’s character is played by a young Indian actress named Rachel Sanchita Gupta. He is so good at playing his character. Her innocence and innocence made Prerna’s figure look even more impressive.

Those of us who watched him also felt how persistent he was to break free from his shackles, and struggle to find his dream by skateboarding.

Moreover, Jessica, played by Amrit Maghera, appears in the village like an inspiring pioneer. In the midst of her intention to find out her father’s past in the village, Jessica is instead able to provide joy and new happiness for Prerna and the local children there.

What he did then made the gap between low caste and high caste citizens begin to slowly disappear. Through playing skateboard they then mingle with each other, playing like children in general.

Amrit Maghera also plays the figure of Jessica charmingly, and adds to the sweet storyline of this film. He, along with Jonathan Readwin as Erick, appear in sync in making the film Skater Girl even more interesting to enjoy.

Free Living with Skateboard

Skater Girl will not be a boring film for those of us who watch it. The storyline of this film is not complicated, and very inspiring for all ages to watch.

With a duration of approximately 1 hour and 48 minutes, we can take many moral messages throughout this film. One of them is that women have the same right to be free, to live independently, and to choose their own path.

The two female characters in this film, Prerna and Jessica, seem to act as the right objects in conveying this message. Both of them really feel that they have strong characteristics, and it feels like the moral message that is trying to be conveyed is conveyed in a straightforward and critical manner.

skater girl movie

Through this moral aspect as well, Skater Girl is actually a simple film full of deep meaning. Even though the storyline of this film is very light and easy to understand, there is a critical side that tries to touch on the patriarchal culture and all the social inequalities that still exist in India, as well as in other parts of the world.

In short, this film is about a youth drama, but it will be very “universally” relevant through this moral message. What Skater Girl is trying to convey makes it possible for us to be swept away by Prerna’s struggle for her freedom in life. Even so, this film is not excessive because the atmosphere of emotion remains at a level that feels normal and is not too “mellow.”

Strong Story and Memorable

Apart from the story aspect which is somewhat inspirational, this film also feels stronger through its capable visual presentation. The corners of the countryside where Prerna lives are framed naturally, and the scene will be very “alive” when showing the lives of the local residents there.

Movie skater girl

One of the most interesting parts is when the “timelapse video” moment of the skatepark construction is shown. The skatepark in this film is actually built for the area there, and is not a mere background accessory.

After the skaterpark was completed, we were finally able to see the action of skateboarding games which were fun to watch. The moment became even more fun when Erick brought his friends, who are professional skateboarders, to teach Prerna and the others.

In the end, Skate Girl succeeded in presenting a touching story, and could inspire many people to pursue their own dreams.

This film is indeed strong in story, and the moral message it wants to convey. Even though it’s not a big budget film, and doesn’t feature big stars, Skater Girl is, in conclusion, a memorable film, and very inspiring.


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