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Once, a world existed among clouds. Governed by a sky deity, it was woven by six constellations dancing in heavens. Harmony reigned until darkness crept in, threatening this celestial utopia.
A great battle ensued. Light and shadow clashed fiercely. The sacred bond between deity and constellations severed, sending guardians hurtling down below.

The once-unified kingdom fragmented into six realms, echoing former glory in ruins and landscapes, beckoning the brave to restore.

The Children of the Light, extraordinary individuals, ventured forth to mend broken threads binding constellations. Determined, they journeyed through realms like the Forest’s twisting vines, the Desert’s vast dunes, the Ocean’s azure expanse, the Mountain’s craggy peaks, the Star’s luminous dreams, and the Storm’s turbulent forces.

Encountering wonders and puzzles, guided by benevolent spirits, friendships blossomed across distances, uniting players in this celestial quest, forging unbreakable bonds.

Through visuals and melodies, Sky: Children of the Light transported players into a living masterpiece, where beauty and adventure intertwined, inviting them to lose themselves in the clouded realms’ ethereal embrace.

No mere game, but a tapestry of self-discovery, woven with courage, wonder, and unwavering belief that light pierces shadows.

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Embrace the celestial odyssey; let the constellations’ light guide your path through the clouded realms. The adventure awaits, promising restored harmony to a world once torn.

Sky: Children of the Light

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Aboute Sky: Children of the Light game

From the visionary minds behind Journey, that sublime masterpiece which stole our hearts and the Game of the Year award in 2013, comes an ethereal new adventure that will awaken your soul. Sky is a transcendent massively multiplayer online experience that invites you to reconnect with the warmth and wonder at the essence of humanity. Let its dreamlike realms envelop you in a gentle embrace as you spread your wings and soar above the clouds, pick up an instrument and weave new melodies into the tapestry of existence, or simply bask in the splendor that unfolds around you. This is a sanctuary where all are welcome – a place to find yourself amid the communion of kindred spirits.

But there are also ancient mysteries to unravel for those who seek them out. Join your fellow explorers on an epic journey that stretches across seven visually stunning kingdoms. Venture into the darker corners of this boundless realm to rescue wandering ghosts and uncover long-forgotten treasures from bygone epochs. With every step you take, your presence brings a revitalizing flow of light and hope to areas long steeped in desolation.

In Sky, we are descendants of the stars themselves, flung across a vast odyssey to reignite the celestial constellations by returning their long-scattered embers to the firmament. This is an ever-evolving frontier, with new seasonal events constantly resculpting the terrain and fresh gameplay avenues to explore. Uncover the grand, overarching narrative strand woven through these cyclic upheavals as you cross paths with a revolving cast of vivid characters, each with their own tale to share.

The true essence of Sky, however, lies in the stirring bonds you’ll forge with explorers across the globe. Send out a clarion call to your real-world friends or embrace strangers as newfound companions – then embark on cooperative adventures that will challenged your teamwork and strategy. Holdaloft candles to illuminate the path for your allies, exchanging emotes and expressions to forge a connection that transcends language itself. Whether engaging in synchronous multiplayer or leaving ephemeral calling cards for others in solitary splendor, every action in this universe reverberates across an immense metaphysical symphony of collective purpose.

From its inviting, hand-sculpted aesthetic to the understated brilliance of its dynamic lighting and weather systems, Sky cultivates a sense of childlike spectacle at every turn. Unlock an array of customization options to imbue your character with distinct flair or equip cosmetic accessories like winged capes to enhance their aerial grace. Then simply drink in the sights and sounds as you roam these endless horizons at your own pace.

This isn’t merely a game, but a deeply resonant experience that cuts to the heart of what it means to feel alive – to find joy in existence itself. Come bask in the incandescent glow of Sky and have your spirit rekindled.


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