Spell Force: Immortal Heros 3D Codes (New)

Spell Force: Immortal Heroes 3D is a unique role-playing game that offers players a realistic experience and intense battles.

The storyline of Spell Force: Immortal Heroes 3D unfolds in a world filled with chaos known as the Three Realms. The sky collapses, the earth cracks, and the abysses threaten to engulf the surrounding lands. Amidst this tumultuous era, the army of Chi You, a merciless force, seizes the opportunity to exploit the sealing power of Chi You for resurrection, plunging the Three Realms into further turmoil. After enduring a war spanning millions of years, the forces within the Three Realms have gradually weakened, teetering on the brink of decline. However, to prevent this impending catastrophe, an ancient power has chosen eight heroes and dispatched them on a mission to seek out and assemble disciples who will stand against the resurgence of Chi You.

In Spell Force: Immortal Heroes 3D, players assume the roles of these heroes, embarking on a journey to collect and recruit disciples. Each hero possesses unique abilities and powers, poised to confront challenges and formidable monsters in their battle against Chi You and his forces. Throughout their adventure, players will engage in intense battles, explore enigmatic lands, and delve into the history and extraordinary powers of the Three Realms.

Spell Force

Featuring high-quality 3D graphics, Spell Force: Immortal Heroes 3D guarantees a captivating and vibrant gaming experience within this epic adventure. Prepare yourself for combat and prove your mettle as you embark on this perilous quest to safeguard the Three Realms from the resurgence of Xi You.

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Immerse yourself fully in the realm of gaming, seizing this moment to satiate your passion. May triumph and joy be your steadfast companions throughout your journey in the world of Spell Force: Immortal Heros 3D!

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  • Step 1: Visit the official fanpage of Spell Force: Immortal Heros 3D.
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The Kunlun battle began and the world was in crisis.
The war between the Three Kingdoms, which lasted millions of years, wrote its final chapter. The bronze sky turned red with blood and fire, the sky collapsed, the earth split, and the abyss swallowed the center. The Si leader who followed Qiong worked with Demon Jiu. They took advantage of the chaos as all the forces were weakened after the war to capture Chi You’s sealed relics to revive him, and now the disaster for the Three Kingdoms began.
In order to gather the power to stop this cataclysm, the eight heroes sent by an ancient force appeared one by one and began to recruit disciples…

Enjoy the three kingdoms
The game takes on a full 3D super large scene. The unlimited map allows you to freely explore the beautiful and real world of fairies. Flying, walking, and diving are all available, offering players the most authentic and immersive experience.

choose your class
The eight ancient clans have their own special powers. You can choose from many classes, e.g. B. Ranged, Melee, Tank, and Support. In addition, each of them is endowed with unique abilities of various moves that will bring you the most beautiful battles and full development of visual effects.

gathered powerful pets
Super cute fairy pets and their upgrade system are unique and you can choose the one you like. These pets also fight bravely. Paired with impressive mounts, you’ll be the special one in the Three Kingdoms.

New cross-server arena
The new multiplayer confrontation begins in Three Worlds Battlefield, where players are randomly assigned to one of the factions of Immortals, Demons, and Mortals and kill enemies to earn points. Also, more games like Sword Array and Beast Invasion are waiting for you to challenge them.

Find a faithful partner
In a grand wedding, the huge sea of ​​stars will share the joy with you and your partner and you will explore the world together. Multidimensional social network, amazing marriage and home system, online voice chat create a real social circle where cultivation and romance work at the same time.

Go to the spirit fair
The mysterious Ghost Market in the Underworld has been unlocked. Trading not only offers players rare treasures, but is also full of fun. Open your divine eyes to this vast market to find treasures from ancient times and find your own future full of legends.


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