Suhita’s Heart Review (2023)

Sohitha’s heart based on a story on the website, then a novel by Khilma Anis was published in 2019. Starvision Plus adapted the story into a film with a script written by Khilma Anis with Alim Sudio. Sohitha’s heart directed by Archie Hekagery.

Sohitha’s heart played by animals such as Omar Daniel, Nadya Arina, Anggika Bolsterli, Desy Ratnasari, Tanta Ginting, Slamet Rahardjo, Joshua Suherman, and several other stars. This film will be shown in theaters on May 25 2023, and will have premieres in 17 cities including the City of Kediri itself.

To support a love story that makes you cry and feel emotional at the same time, film Sohitha’s heart also presents OST from Raissa Anggiani ft Raja Giannuca “Seeds” and Soegi Bornean “Samsara”.

Suhita’s Heart Synopsis

Gus Birru (Omar Daniel) is forced to marry Alina Suhita (Nadya Arina) because of the wishes of his parents. Marries Suhita to continue the pesantren. However, Gus Birru’s heart still has his old love, namely Ratna Rengganis (Anggika Bolsterli). The story of Birru and Rengganis is hard to forget, they both went through college and founded a media together.

suhita's heart review 2023

Suhita is trusted by Abah Kyai Hannan (David Chalik) and Ummi (Desy Ratnasari) to continue the Al-Anwar Islamic boarding school in Kediri. Birru and Abah had several differences of opinion, even when choosing a mate. Then, what is Birru’s choice, fall on Suhita or return to Rangganis.

Suhita’s Heart Review

Stuck in two hearts

Throughout the film, most of Hati Suhita’s plot shows Gus Birru’s point of view. Birru’s turmoil, having to obey his parents’ wishes, was so profound. Like looking behind the scenes, how Birru and Suhita’s marriage is not going well. The first half of the film, with a straightforward premise, immediately brought the audience to understand what the core conflict of this film is.

suhita's heart review 2023

However, the decline in the second half, which only shows the conflict between the two new partners is up and down. Even though Birru’s character is trapped between two hearts, Suhita’s inner conflict looks more complex. Nadya’s role is perfect for being a woman who is firm in her convictions. Where there is the character Kang Dharma (Ibrahim Risyad) who further complicates Suhita’s mind.

Entertainment from the supporting cast

Either from the Birru camp with 2 of his colleagues Rizal, played by Tanta Ginting and Zaki, played by Tutus Thomson. Rizal and Zaki became rich as bridges, because they witnessed the story of Birru and Rengganis first.

Synopsis of Kandahar

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suhita's heart review 2023

But, from Suhita’s side, who continues to be accompanied by Aruna, played by Devina Aureel, this makes me laugh. Suhita, who confides in her marriage problems to Aruna, has always been a comedic material from the dialogues hurled at Suhita. At first it was sad because Suhita kept getting hurt, but it became such entertainment relate with friends chat.

Islamic without excessive religious overtones

suhita's heart review 2023

The story related to the Al-Anwar Islamic boarding school made by Kyai Hannan, is only used as a setting to emphasize the premise of their marriage. In fact, pesantren activities do not appear much in the film. This magnificent Islamic boarding school in Kediri City seems to strengthen why Gus Birru has to follow Abah and Ummi’s will, for the sake of the continuity of the pesantren.

Some scenes are also more indoors, houses and rooms. Showing the real problem of marriage is simple on the outside, but complicated on the inside. The role of Abah and Ummi, even Mbak Kung (Slamet Rahardjo) and Mbah Putri (Widyawati), whose parents usually give religious lectures by bringing verses or hadiths, is not the case. Parents, play their role as not getting too involved in getting married too deeply with their lectures.

suhita's heart review 2023

Apart from that the role of parents is entertaining at some point. Like the stereotype of in-laws who want grandchildren, that’s how it looks. I don’t know if this is satire or as a reflection of married life in Indonesia.

Suhita’s Heart Conclusion

Love triangle in movies Suhita’s heart seems real from the two points of view of the couple Gus Birru and Suhita. Marriage problems from personal turmoil, can be a lesson for couples out there. The actors’ roles are slick, so watching this light drama is easy to digest.

Set in an Al-Anwar Islamic boarding school in Kediri, the warm and moderate Islamic nuance will appeal more to universal audiences regardless of one particular religion. Conflicts in this pair can occur in all of them.

Director: Archie Hekagery

Cast: Omar Daniel, Nadya Arina, Anggika Bolsterli, Ariyo Wahab, Cesa David, David Chalik, Wafda Saifan, Widyawati Sophian, Tanta Ginting, Devina Aurel, Slamet Rahardjo, Desy Ratnasari, Ence Bagus, and Alessandro Gianni

Duration: 137 minutes

Score: 7.2/10


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