The Big 4 (2022) Movie Review

Timo Tjahjanto is widely known as a director of horror and thriller genre films. However, in 2022, Timo is collaborating with Netflix to produce a film in the action-comedy genre. The movie is titled The Big 4, an original Netflix film produced in Indonesia.

The synopsis of The Big 4 revolves around Dina (played by Putri Marino), a young detective who is on a mission to uncover the identity of her father’s killer. Her search takes her to a tropical island where she meets four individuals who were once assassins. However, these four individuals happen to be Dina’s father’s foster children, who are more than willing to assist her in finding the culprit.

Keep an eye out for The Big 4, a unique blend of action and comedy, directed by Timo Tjahjanto and produced by Netflix Indonesia.

So, before you watch The Big 4 through the Netflix service, first consider the following Buma review!

Review of the film The Big 4 Netflix Indonesia

Simple premise with natural dialogue

Even though it carries the theme of assassins as the main conflict of the story, The Big 4 manages to convey the story very simply. The conflict in this film doesn’t even feel heavy at all, so that the audience doesn’t have to think hard in order to enjoy it. This makes The Big 4 worthy of being a spectacle to drive away fatigue on weekends.

The conversations of the characters in this film also take place very naturally. In fact, this film quite often presents swear words that are commonly spoken in the real world in a number of character dialogues, especially during the battle scenes. The use of this simple dialogue also plays a role in making the film’s story feel even more relaxed, even though it is actually full of action moments.

Big 4

Well , the only drawback of this premise that feels simple and relaxed is the plot of the conflict which is quite readable, including the plot twist moments . However, this is actually not a big problem, because The Big 4 still manages to distract the audience through various other aspects.

A fun mix of action and comedy

One aspect that makes up for the shortcomings of The Big 4 ‘s plot is the exciting action moments. Throughout the film, we will be able to see explosive moments as well as choreographed battle scenes that take place in a fun way. In fact, one of the fighting moments in this film has a gun fu concept like in the John Wick series , namely fighting with guns at close range.

The fighting moments in this film also still have Timo’s characteristics, which are brutal and full of blood. Even though there are some moments that might make you feel sore, most of these scenes actually feel more satisfying, especially if the antagonist is the victim. Oh yes, Timo also uses more practical effects in this film than CGI , so the action scenes look more real.

Review Big 4

In terms of comedy, this film has also succeeded in presenting many joke moments that have succeeded in making the audience. Starting from the behavior of the characters which are quite ridiculous and absurd to their utterances which are like everyday jokes that feel relatable .

Timo Tjahjanto also managed to combine the elements of action and comedy properly, making The Big 4 a very enjoyable film. In fact, most of the comedic elements appear in the battle scenes, but that doesn’t spoil the atmosphere, which takes place in an exciting way.

Colorful characters

Apart from Dina, the main characters in this film consist of Topan ( Abimana Aryasatya ), Jenggo (Arie Kriting), Alpha (Lutesha), and Pelor (Kristo Immanuel) who are members of The Big 4. Each character in this film has a very colorful personality. . Even though they are not perfect figures, these characters are very likeable because they are introduced in a way that makes the audience care about them.

The selection of players for each character in this film is also very precise. The actors manage to appear natural as their respective characters so that their performance, especially during comedic moments, doesn’t feel awkward at all. Kristo Immanuel and Michelle Tahalea, who just made their acting debut through this film, also managed to give a performance that deserves a thumbs up.

Movie Big 4

However, according to KINCIR, the most successful figure in this film is Marthino Lio, who plays the main villain, namely Antonio. The figure of Antonio in this film is a psychopath who becomes a difficult opponent for the main characters. However, the audience will not be annoyed with the figure of Antonio because it is Marthino who presents the villain in an eccentric and flamboyant way that is entertaining.

A film that has the potential to become a big Netflix franchise in Asia

Another drawback in this film actually lies in the many questions or plot holes that remain unanswered by the end of the film. However, this might have happened on purpose because Timo Tjahjanto and Netflix had already planned a sequel for The Big 4 . Moreover, the ending of this film also feels very hanging.

If this is true, The Big 4 has the potential to become Netflix’s biggest action-comedy franchise in Asia. Because, after watching the film, KINCIR saw that it would be very interesting if some of the characters in the film got a spin-off project that tells their past.

Big 4 movie

The spin-off project also doesn’t have to have a film format, but also a series. If realized, of course this will be Netflix’s biggest collaborative project with Indonesian filmmakers.

In the end, The Big 4 becomes an action-comedy film that is fun, absurd, and doesn’t make you bored at all. This film is perfect for you to watch on weekends or when you need entertainment to relieve fatigue. If you are interested, you can legally watch this film via the Netflix streaming service starting December 15, 2022.

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