The Covenant Movie Review (2023)

For those of you who like war-themed shows, there are films that you shouldn’t miss on this 2023 Eid holiday. The film is The Covenant which involves Guy Ritchie as the director. You can watch this film, starring Jake Gyllenhaal , in Indonesian cinemas starting April 19, 2023, along with the release of a number of other Eid holiday films.

Synopsis of the film The Covenant tells the story of John Kinley (Jake Gyllenhaal), a soldier from the United States who has a mission to Afghanistan to expel the Taliban. Kinley also recruited an interpreter named Ahmed (Dar Salim) to make it easier to communicate with local residents when looking for the Taliban. However, trouble came when the Taliban troops actually ambushed Kinley and his team.

So, before you watch the film The Covenant in theaters, first consider the following Bumareview!

The Covenant (2023) Review

The story of brotherhood in the middle of a war that took place neatly

As a writer, I actually don’t like films that have a slow plot. This slow pace is also owned by the film The Covenant which has a duration of more than two hours with a portion of drama that is far more than the moments of action. However, I actually really like the way this film tells a story because it takes place neatly, and doesn’t feel boring at all.

The Covenant

This storytelling style manages to build up the characterizations and conflicts in great detail. Apart from that, the acts in this film also have a very clear division. So, the audience can know where the story is going from each act , even though they actually have the same conflict focus, namely the Taliban troops.

Apart from that, the emphasis on drama in this film has also made The Covenant successful in proving that it is not just an ordinary war film. This is because this film highlights the close brotherly relationship between Kinley and Ahmed, who actually come from two very different cultures. This is what makes The Covenant a war film with quite a deep story.

Dar Salim’s performance managed to steal the show

The main stars of this film are Jake Gyllenhaal and Dar Salim who play John Kinley and Ahmed respectively. Of the two names, of course you know Jake Gyllenhaal better because he is already a top actor who has starred in many well-known Hollywood projects. However, the actor whose performance managed to steal the show in this film is Dar Salim..

Review The Covenant

Even though he isn’t very expressive as Ahmed, Dar Salim is quite successful in making his character feel like he has quite a humorous personality. Dar Salim also managed to make the audience feel emotional several times thanks to his acting performance. Meanwhile, Gyllenhaal’s acting as John Kinley actually feels excessive in several scenes, but it doesn’t interfere with the viewing experience.

Successful directing and scoring style makes the scene more dramatic

The film was promoted under the title Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant . There are two reasons for using this promotional title, namely so that the title is not the same as the two films titled The Covenant which were released in 2006 and 2017 or to emphasize that Guy Ritchie is the director. However, if you watch the film, the possible reason has to do with Guy Ritchie’s status as the director

The Covenant  Review

Apart from promoting this film under the name Ritchie, who is well known in Hollywood, his directing style is really felt throughout the film. Yep, this film has many scenes that take place with a slow motion effect , which is basically Guy Ritchie’s signature as a director to build up the tension of the scene.

Guy Ritchie’s directing style also succeeded in making a number of moments in the film feel dramatic, especially during the action scenes. Not to mention the iconic scoring that accompanies a number of these scenes, making it even more epic.

Review The Covenant Movie

Broadly speaking, The Covenant is a war film with a story that feels solid and quite emotional. If you are interested, you can watch this film in a number of Indonesian cinemas starting April 19, 2023.

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