The Fablemans Movie Review (2022)

Continuing his prolific career, Steven Spielberg remains a prominent figure among directors actively producing films. Following the release of West Side Story (2021), Spielberg presents his latest creation, The Fablemans, departing from the musical drama genre to delve into a poignant coming-of-age narrative.

In addition to directing, Spielberg collaborated with Tony Kushner on The Fablemans script. The duo worked on this project during the late months of 2020, amidst the lockdown imposed by the pandemic. This compelling film features a stellar ensemble cast, including Gabriel LaBelle, Michelle Williams, Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, and other accomplished actors.

Drawing inspiration from Steven Spielberg’s own childhood and youth, The Fablemans offers a semi-biographical narrative. While the film centers around a fictional character named Sam Fabelman, it artfully weaves elements from Spielberg’s personal experiences. This captivating drama delves into Sam’s journey of self-discovery and the profound role that movies play in revealing the truth about those in his life.

The Fablemans movie review

Spielberg’s personal film full of emotional journeys

While The Fablemans draws inspiration from Spielberg’s life story, it should be noted that the film does not provide a complete portrayal of his experiences. Nevertheless, Spielberg’s personal touch is evident throughout the narrative, allowing viewers to sense his genuine passion for the world of cinema.

Through the character of Sam Fabelman, The Fablemans beautifully captures Spielberg’s profound adoration for filmmaking. The movie even begins with a poignant moment depicting Sam’s initial fascination with the art form, leading him to discover that creating films is not merely a hobby but his true calling in life.

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The Fablemans delves beyond Sam’s passion for the film world, exploring family conflicts and the challenges he faces in high school due to his Jewish identity. Throughout these struggles, Sam discovers the transformative power of cinema in revealing the truth that surrounds him.

With a runtime of 2 hours and 31 minutes, The Fablemans creates a deep emotional connection between the audience and Sam’s life, as his journey is filled with heartfelt moments. The conflicts depicted in this drama film resonate with real-life experiences, allowing viewers to empathize with Sam’s moments of joy and frustration.

Notably, the exceptional performances by the cast of The Fablemans elevate the film. Gabriel LaBelle, in particular, delivers a remarkable portrayal of Sam, capturing his character with great authenticity. LaBelle’s compelling acting shines, particularly during the scenes where Sam expresses his frustrations to those around him.

Review the fabelmans

Aside from LaBelle’s captivating performance, the acting prowess of Paul Dano and Michelle Williams is truly remarkable. Dano and Williams portray the roles of Sam’s parents, Burt and Mitzi Fabelman. While they may appear composed in front of their children, Burt and Mitzi’s marriage is plagued with troubles.

Dano’s portrayal of Burt evokes genuine sympathy from the audience. He skillfully conveys a sense of underlying sadness that he must conceal from his wife and children. Williams’ portrayal of Mitzi is equally exceptional, provoking frustration with her self-centeredness as a wife.

Both Dano and Williams deliver outstanding performances that add depth and complexity to their characters, enhancing the overall impact of the film.

Films with slow paced plots that make the development of the story more pronounced

It is worth mentioning once again that The Fablemans has a runtime of 2 hours and 31 minutes, making it a relatively lengthy film. This extended duration might pose a challenge for some individuals, particularly those who prefer faster-paced dramas, as The Fablemans unfolds with a deliberate and measured storyline. Consequently, those who are averse to leisurely narratives might encounter difficulty in completing the film.

Nevertheless, the deliberate pacing employed in The Fablemans is precisely what enhances its coming-of-age narrative. This drama film revolves around Sam’s journey of personal growth, a young individual with an immense passion for the world of cinema. Through its unhurried progression, the film allows the audience to develop a deeper understanding of Sam’s character and experiences over time.

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The deliberate pacing of the film effectively captures the ups and downs of Sam’s life. The gradual development of relationships, particularly with his parents, is portrayed with clarity and precision. If you have an appreciation for films that unfold at a leisurely pace, you are guaranteed to savor every moment of this engaging drama.

The Fablemans can be seen as Steven Spielberg’s heartfelt tribute to the world of cinema. Through the character of Sam Fabelman, Spielberg presents his own life story in a heartwarming and entertaining manner, while also revealing his moments of frustration. The conflicts depicted in the film evoke empathy for Sam and his experiences.

Having read this review of The Fablemans, are you intrigued to watch this captivating coming-of-age drama? For those who have already seen it, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about the film.


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