The Good Bad Mother Movie Review

Jin Young Soon’s life changed after the sudden and suspicious death of her husband. While heavily pregnant, Young Soon remains determined to move on with life.

As a single mother, Young Soon raised her son, Choi Kang Hoo, quite hard and firmly. She wants her son to become a prosecutor who will be able to uncover the death of her husband.

With a long struggle, Choi Kang Ho managed to become a prosecutor. However, his attitude turned cold, not even recognizing Young Soon as his mother.

Until one day, he had an accident and his memory and intelligence returned to childhood. What will happen to this mother and daughter? Check out the synopsis and brief review of The Good Bad Mother (2023) below!

The Good Bad Mother Synopsis

  • Year of Release 2023
  • Genres Comedy , Drama , Family , Life
  • Director Shim Nayeon
  • Cast ∙ Ra Mi Ran ∙ Lee Do Hyun ∙ Ahn Eun Jin

Choi Hae Sik and Jin Young Soon live a happy home life while welcoming the birth of their first son. One day, Hae Sik’s pig farm is threatened with demolition for the Olympics.

As the only source of income for the family, Hae Sik does not allow this to happen. He fights the people from the Woobyeok Group who came, including Chairman Song Woo Byeok to defend his farm.

Not long after that, one night his farm burned down. Hearing the testimony of several neighbors who saw something amiss, Hae Sik takes the fire incident to court.

During the trial, however, neighbors and close people testified differently; they were on Song Woo Byeok’s side. As a result, Song Woo Byeok was released and the fire incident that occurred was considered as Hae Sik’s negligence.

Unsatisfied with the court’s decision, Hae Sik never gives up looking for other corroborating evidence. Hae Sik then received a confession from one of his close friends who had testified in court that he was threatened by Song Woo Byeok.

The Good Bad Mother

A glimmer of hope appears and Hae Sik confidently hands over the tape evidence to prosecutor Oh Tae Soo on duty. Unfortunately, Oh Tae Soo has also worked with Song Woo Byeok.

After returning from submitting the evidence he got, Hae Sik was killed by Song Woo Byeok. His death was obscured as a suicide because of the pressure from the fire that hit his farm.

Young Soon can’t believe her husband would do such a thing, but his search for justice ends in failure. The woman who was heavily pregnant decided to continue living in a new place with her remaining pigs.

Young Soon moved his farm and house to Jouri Village alone without anyone’s help. With a growing belly, the woman remains enthusiastic about continuing her husband’s pig farming business.

Young Soon gave birth to a baby boy with the help of neighbors. The baby boy is named Choi Kang Ho. Not long after, one of her neighbors, who was heavily pregnant, also gave birth. Jung Gum Ja gave birth to a baby girl who was later named Lee Mi Joo.

Young Soon raised Choi Kang Ho alone with a pretty harsh upbringing. Kang Ho only knew studying because his mother really wanted him to become a prosecutor. Young Soon wants her son to find out how and in what way her husband died.

Young Soon’s upbringing was so harsh, Kang Ho didn’t dare to eat too much because he would get sleepy which in the end made him not focus on studying. Kang Ho also never went on field trips with school friends because it could make him lazy to study.

One day, when the college entrance exam was held, Kang Ho couldn’t take it because he helped Mi Joo who had an accident. Young Soon was furious because Kang Ho was more concerned with other people than his education. The quarrel between mother and child was inevitable.

That day came, Choi Kang Ho finally became a prosecutor. However, unlike Young Soon’s expectations, Kang Ho becomes a cold-hearted prosecutor. He doesn’t care about justice and only works for money.

Surprisingly he actually works to save Song Woo Byeok’s reputation. The young man even accepted Song Woo Byeok’s request who wanted to make him a foster child.

Kang Ho also dated Oh Ha Young, the daughter of Oh Tae Soo who had a bad temper. Another thing that was even more surprising was that Kang Ho treated his mother very coldly. He acts as if he never knew Young Soon.

The Good Bad Mother Movie Review

Until one day, when Kang Ho was visiting Young Soon with Ha Young, the young man had an accident. His condition was very apprehensive because Kang Ho received a severe blow to the head so that he lost his intelligence ability. Kang Ho’s intelligence and memory go back to when he was seven years old.

The Good Bad Mother Movie Review

How will Young Soon deal with her son’s fate? Will he be able to educate Kang Ho one more time? Will Young Soon remain tough and firm?

Present an Emotional Mother-Child Relationship

As the title suggests, The Good Bad Mother (2023), this 14-episode drama offers a story that focuses on the relationship between mother and child, between Jin Young Soon and Choi Kang Ho. Both live a life full of struggles after the mysterious and suspicious death of the family head.

As a single mother, Young Soon educates Kang Ho hard and even seems to have no feelings. While watching this drama, you can get annoyed when you see Kang Ho being treated harshly by his mother. You will also feel hurt and angry at Young Soon’s character who is so hard on her own children.

However, those feelings were soon replaced by pity and misery because we are reminded that Young Soon lived a hard life full of tears.

Behind her harsh attitude towards Kang Ho, Young Soon is a wounded mother who doesn’t know the best way to love her own son. For him to educate hard, will make Kang Ho a strong man.

The mother-daughter relationship presented in this drama is increasingly emotional because Kang Ho’s cold attitude towards his mother occurs for some reason.

Through episode after episode, it becomes increasingly clear that mother and child never really hated each other. Both are injured and try to protect each other in different ways.

The Good Bad Mother Movie

Plot Filled with Surprises

The writing of the drama The Good Bad Mother (2023) deserves appreciation. With a duration of more than an hour per episode, the plot of this drama is very interesting because there are always surprises or unexpected plans included. You can see it from the first two episodes when Kang Ho acts cold towards his mother.

When watching it, you might think that this cold attitude is a form of hatred for Kang Ho because he was educated too hard. However, that assumption vanished when the true motives began to be revealed in another episode.

For every suffocating conflict, the drama The Good Bad Mother (2023) has a relief answer. The plot is structured to make the audience suspect before finally getting an answer that is quite reassuring.

Impressive Appearance of Players

Another thing that attracts attention from the drama The Good Bad Mother (2023) is Lee Do Hyun’s acting ability as Choi Kang Ho. The actor who is currently on the rise is showing the quality of his acting by playing two characters at once.

Review The Good Bad Mother

First, Lee Do Hyun as a cold and evil prosecutor. Second, Lee Do Hyun as a seven-year-old child trapped in a grown man’s body. He brought both of them convincingly and made the two characters ‘live’ in the story.

Apart from Lee Do Hyun, actress Ra Mi Ran also performed impressive acting as a ‘bad’ but actually loving mother. The duet of Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun as mother and son is enough to make this drama feel emotional.

There is also Ahn Eun Jin, Kang Mal Geum, and two child actors, Ki So Yu and Park Da On, who both showed their flexible acting skills together.

Packed with slick cinematography complete with beautiful rural landscapes, the story of The Good Bad Mother (2023) feels even more solid.

This drama not only presents an emotional story of mother and child, but also the relationship between neighbors who are as they are and attempts at revenge which are interesting and finally worth the wait. Interested? You can watch this drama via Netflix!


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