The House (2022) Movie Review

Understanding a dark-comedy film can be challenging, but even more so when it’s presented in stop-motion animation, a rare form of animation these days. Netflix has released a Nexus Studio animation, ‘The House,’ which is divided into three different story acts, on January 14, 2022.

Although it was first announced in January 2020, a trailer for the film was only released in December 2021.

Get ready to explore the darkly comedic world of ‘The House,’ presented in stop-motion animation, as we follow three different story acts.

The House is directed by Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, and Paloma Baeza, based on a script by Enda Walsh.

Synopsis The House (2022) Movie Review

Story 1 – And heard within, a lie is spun

Mabel is a poor girl living with her father Raymond and her mother Penny and her baby sister Isobel. Then Mr. Van Schoonbeek, a mysterious architect, gives a luxurious house and Mabel’s family moves into the house.

The house

The Raymond family was served by a servant named Thomas. But behind the luxurious life in the new house, there is a mystery that Mabel and her sister are starting to unravel little by little.

Story 2 – Then lost is the truth that can’t be won

Several years ago, a developer (rat man) repaired the entire house, and intends to sell the house in a clean and beautiful manner. Everything he does to attract buyers.

Review the house

Then a pair of lovers (rat humans) appear who are strange and want to try all the facilities of the house. However, instead of buying a house, the couple became rampant in the house leaving the home developer overwhelmed.

Story 3 – Listen again and seek the sun

In the future, after a great flood drowned the entire city, Jen (cat person) lives and lives in the house which miraculously is safe and intact.

Cosmos is a repairman who lives in the house and reciprocally fixes the problems in the house. Jen feels that Cosmos is making the house even more chaotic, but what Cosmos does to the house surprises Rosa.

Both adorable and scary atmosphere unite here

Each film employs a surrealist style, it strikes a rich balance of subtle and existential storytelling with incredibly detailed and vivid stop-motion animation for a deeper sense of each expression and each setting.

Movie the house

Stop-motion has become an animation genre in its own right, with the creator’s satisfaction showing details through aesthetic motion for each scene.

‘The House’ takes the setting and focuses on one house at different times. The characters of each story feature their own conflict and depression. The detail of each character’s expression brings our emotions to their conflict.

Not only that, the detail of the object that is the highlight of the shot is extraordinary. Starting from the depiction of humans like woolen cloth with cute little faces, plus fine threads that move along, then cats and mice with very detailed feathers from every movement.

Even in each scene, the characters and the setting come together in simple shots that are not exaggerated, but the great impact of the play of light and point of view brings a spooky and mysterious feel throughout the film.

‘The House’ is a genius film that wants to describe the situation that is being highlighted, but without excessive stop-motion .

Brilliant voice actor

The emotion from each facial expression that is depicted is very united with the appearance of the voice actors. Especially in the key scenes.

The majority of this film we will be taken in a mysterious and upsetting direction. It works in every story. The short dialogues between the characters perfectly describe the direction of feelings from the internal and external conditions of the characters, even if only around the house.

the house movie

The magic of the plot is short but enthralling

Of the 3 stories presented, all focus on the conflicts of each house with different occupant backgrounds and eras. Everything is very successful with fast and clear flow.

The construction of the background which is not too long, makes ‘The House’ in each story immediately highlight the main conflict. Bringing the emotions of the audience immediately carried away without thinking complicated and convoluted to string everything together.

The outline of a house will not feel if the house is the same house, considering the visuals used use 3 different creatures. Very detailed sequences, like satire on each creature’s problems.


Very detailed stop-motion animation visuals , bringing satisfaction in itself. Moreover, the details that appear extraordinary, starting from the characters, the setting, to the simple scenes that are built can bring quite strong emotions. Funny and scary together perfectly in each story.

The brief plot of each story is actually a unified whole with different depictions of conflict. The implicit messages make the film multi-interpreted in relation to one another or messages that stand alone.


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