The Longest Promise (2023) Movie Review

The latest Chinese drama, “The Longest Promise” from WeTV, has been generating immense hype not only in its home country but also overseas. This captivating romance story is filled with intriguing twists and turns among the characters, leaving the audience curious and hooked.

However, “The Longest Promise” is not solely defined by its romantic plotline. The series, also known as “Janji Abadi” in Indonesian, is meticulously crafted with a serious approach. It boasts an engaging storyline, a well-chosen cast, and vibrant visualizations that capture the viewers’ attention and imagination.

What sets this Xinxia drama apart is the incorporation of technical elements that rival even Netflix’s popular Korean series, “Alchemy of Souls,” which previously dominated the streaming platform for weeks. The production values and attention to detail in “The Longest Promise” are on par with, if not superior to, other successful international dramas.

“The Longest Promise” is an adaptation of the novel “Zhu Yan” by Cang Yue. As the story unfolds, we are taken on a journey through the most crucial and captivating aspects of the narrative, exploring the depths of emotions and the intricacies of the characters’ lives.

The overwhelming response to “The Longest Promise” both at home and abroad speaks to its universal appeal and quality. As viewers immerse themselves in the world of this drama, they are sure to be captivated by its gripping storyline, stellar performances, and stunning visual presentation. With such high acclaim and anticipation, this Chinese drama is undoubtedly set to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

The Longest Promise (2023) Synopsis

In the first episode’s prologue, we are transported to a fascinating world where Zhu Yan, a princess from the Chi Yi Clan, is reluctantly bound to marry Ke’erle, the heir of the Huotu Tribe, in an arranged marriage against his will. Desperate to escape this fate, Zhu Yan resorts to using magic to create a doppelganger of himself from a portrait. This duplicate takes his place during the wedding ceremony, while Zhu Yan creates a sand monster to kidnap his twin, leading everyone to believe she was taken away by the creature.

The Longest Promise

From this intriguing prologue, the main story takes us five years earlier to the continent of Kong Sang, where six clans coexist. The Crown Prince, Shi Ying, catches a glimpse of a young Zhu Yan offering him flowers. However, not long after, the Crown Prince is accused of a heinous crime and the Empress, his mother, concocts an elaborate plan to protect him by faking his death. Seeking the help of the Great Master of Jiuyi Mountain, she sends her son to live under his care, away from the palace turmoil.

Five years later, in the same timeline as the prologue, Zhu Yan, now a dancing messenger for his clan, encounters the Crown Prince, now known as Young Master, during the offering ceremony at Jiuyi Mountain held every decade. Unaware of each other’s true identities, they eventually meet again, and the Young Master comes to recognize Zhu Yan as the princess he once saw. Despite their past connection, they harbor no romantic feelings for each other at first.

Review The Longest Promise

The plot thickens when the Young Master, at the young age of 18, is appointed Intermediate Master by the Great Master and is tasked with selecting his first disciple from the six clans. To their surprise, Zhu Yan is chosen, sparking a gradual convergence of their chemistry. As their paths intertwine, both characters begin to question their feelings. Is there more than just respect and a teacher-student relationship between them? Their journey unfolds with mysteries and complexities, delving into the depths of their emotions and the unique bond they share.

The story of “The Longest Promise” delves into themes of fate, destiny, and self-discovery, taking us on a mesmerizing adventure where relationships, loyalty, and love intertwine amidst a backdrop of magic and fantasy. As the plot unravels, the captivating characters of Zhu Yan and the Young Master will leave the audience eagerly awaiting each new revelation and twist in this enchanting tale.

The Longest Promise Movie Review

The narration is amazing and the acting is so unified from the players

It is undeniable that the power of a series is stored in its pilot episode or as we often call it the first episode. If that alone doesn’t make an impression, it’s certain that this series will be left behind by its audience.

But in The Longest Promise , this pilot episode is dazzling. The prologue makes us curious about who Zhu Yan’s character really is, and why he can be trapped in a marriage that is not his own will.

The Longest Promise Review

Only after that we are introduced to his second character, namely the Young Master who has become a figure he has admired since childhood.

Slowly we can understand one by one the characters who play in this series. It’s not easy for those who rarely watch Chinese dramas. Moreover, the name is very difficult to memorize.

However, slowly in the next episodes, we can assemble the more interesting stories one by one and we will enter into a world that is much wider than we imagined.

The acting of the cast itself can be said to be very solid. Especially for the two main characters, Young Master and Zhu Yan, whose chemistry is very united in every scene they play.

There are 3 interesting characters that need to be observed

We will get to know many interesting characters, but we will only discuss 3 important characters. The first is Chong Ming who is a fellow student of the Young Master at Jiuyi Mountain who can turn into a giant white bird, as well as other animals.

Chong Ming’s character is really needed, because as an atmosphere breaker, this character is indeed entertaining and full of humor. We need to know that the Young Master’s character is indeed too stiff and serious.

The Longest Promise Movie

It’s rare to see him laugh in everyday conversation. Having Chong Ming beside Young Master made the scene less boring.

Apart from Chong Ming, there is one important yet mysterious character, namely Chi Yan, who is the caretaker of the residence of the Chi Clan, who has also helped Zhu Yan deal with all his difficulties since childhood. Chi Yan is a Mermaid Man, who besides the 10 mages of the Ice Clan, lives outside of Kong Sang.

Later, Chi Yan has a crucial role for the continuation of the story in this series. He has an agenda which we only learn about after episode 15 takes place.

The last character that is most important and influences the overall narrative of this series is Zhu Yan.

Zhu Yan had an expressive nature towards something he had just seen. He’s cute, but also a bit mischievous. In addition, he can be a problem solver when the atmosphere gets frozen. Sometimes he is very smart, but he can be very lazy.

This character is unique. His role is very crucial in The Longest Promise . He never let his emotions control him and showed he could be wise. Indeed, the right match if we compare Zhu Yan with Shi Ying.

The Longest Promise Conclusion

The Longest Promise is indeed the best one so far. As a Chinese drama with 40 episodes, the plot has tension that has been arranged in such a way that we can feel the conflicts that occur, the chemistry between the characters, especially the main character.

The Longest Promise review movie

The CGI can be said to be very good visually, although it’s not very consistent. However, this can be covered quickly by choosing colors that really spoil the eye.

The artistic side also looks detailed, as well as the selection of wardrobe and hairstyles that are also interesting. It’s like seeing the world of the Avatar style with a wider and more diverse scope, but with a classic Chinese-style ambience, combined with a scattering of fantasy creatures such as giant birds and dragons.

The romance story is indeed a very interesting thing to follow from the first episode to completion. Cineverse highly recommends The Longest Promise to be on the list for you to watch, especially for those who are curious to see what the story of Zhu Yan and Shi Ying will be like later.


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