The Moon (2023) Movie Review

The Moon tells a gripping tale of South Korea’s first manned moon exploration mission and the isolation experienced in outer space. The film is scripted and directed by Kim Yong-hwa, featuring stars Sol Kyung-gu, Do Kyung-soo (EXO’s D.O.), and Kim Hee-ae.

Recently premiered on August 2nd, The Moon has garnered mixed feedback from fans and critics alike since its release in South Korea.

So, what’s the verdict on Bumareview?

Summary of the movie The Moon (2023)

South Korea’s inaugural moon mission ends in a catastrophic disaster due to an explosion on the spacecraft. This event leads to Korea’s expulsion from NASA, forcing it to venture into space on its own. Seven years later, a successful second spaceflight is accomplished, but a solar storm causes it to encounter difficulties.

Sun-woo (Do Kyung-soo), a crew member, finds himself stranded in outer space. Confronting this life-threatening catastrophe, the Naro Space Center seeks the assistance of former mission director Dr. Kim (Sul Kyung-gu) to safely retrieve Sun-woo. Will he be able to set foot on Earth again?

The Moon

Review of the movie The Moon A captivating and thrilling visual adventure

Once again, South Korea delivers an impressive visual and cinematic experience. Through meticulous production, audiences can feel as though they’re truly in outer space alongside the main cast. Notably, scenes like the opening shot where the camera follows Sun-woo floating on an aircraft showcase this immersive effect.

In this regard, it’s quite agreeable that South Korea seems to be able to compete with Hollywood in terms of visual effects. Regrettably, while visually appealing, there are rough patches that appear less polished, particularly in crucial scenes. Despite this, The Moon provides a visually engaging adventure that viewers can relish.

Moreover, the A-list cast adds a heart-pounding element to The Moon. The tension continues to escalate, along with the increasingly complex plot. Gradually taking off, the film ultimately manages to captivate attention. Of course, the audience must exhibit patience due to the dramatic nuances inherent to Korean cinema.

Review The Moon

Intriguing but not impressive

Space survival films may be familiar, yet they are not frequently produced. Certain successful films stand out and leave an impact on fans, offering a fresh cinematic space experience. However, The Moon doesn’t leave a profound impression. A classic plot, dramatic twists, combined with overemphasized diversity, prevent the film from being a standout in 2023.

After losing two of his companions, Sun-woo’s fate appears to hang in the balance. Misfortune ensues consecutively, coupled with the astronaut’s desire to complete the mission and return home. Beginning with a meteor shower and enduring system malfunctions, the film attempts to evoke tears while exhausting viewers with its ongoing drama.

The Moon Movie

At the story’s conclusion, a NASA member named Moon-young (Kim Hae-ae) intervenes to aid Dr. Kim and Sun-woo. Although a relatively unfamiliar character lacking clear explanations, her pivotal role emerges surprisingly. This unexpectedly leaves an impression, particularly following a brief yet lackluster motivational speech.

Director Kim Yong-hwa should avoid relying on the precious lives of astronauts for the sake of national reputation in the space race. Furthermore, in case of too many technical errors or lack of research, it wouldn’t be amusing if a tragic incident occurs twice, claiming another victim.

The Moon Movie Review

Conclusion on The Moon

Despite the A-list cast, impressive cinematography, and visuals, The Moon still exhibits shortcomings, particularly in its screenplay and plot. However, fret not. This film can still be enjoyed by fans. The space journey becomes even more thrilling when experienced in a suitable cinema setting. The tension and the experience of being on the Moon can be directly felt by Cineverse viewers, you know!

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