The Secret Romantic Guesthouse (2023) Movie Review

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse or previously known as The Love Story of Flower Scholars is the latest romantic Korean drama presented by Viu Original which has aired exclusively on Viu.

This title is an adaptation of the original web novel which has already reached 630,000 readers. In the drama version, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse is directed by director Kim Jung-min based on a script written by Kwon Eum-mi.

The cast of this K-Drama is also very popular with fans. Starting from the talented young star Shin Ye-eun, who has appeared in the series More than Friends, Revenge of Others , and The Glory.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

At The Secret Romantic Guesthouse , Ye-eun will compete acting with three handsome men, namely Ryeoun ( 18 Again ), Kang Hoon ( The Red Sleeve ), and Jung Gun-joo ( True Beauty ).

Here is a review of The Secret Romantic Guesthouse from Cineverse.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Synopsis

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse is set in ancient Korea. Tells about a woman named Yoon Dan-oh ( Shin Ye-eun ) who initially enjoys a comfortable life as the beloved youngest daughter of a rich family.

However, all of that immediately changed. He is the breadwinner for the family and has to take care of the Taman Bunga inn. Most of the guests at the inn were men who had come to Hanyang to take the civil service entrance exam to become high-ranking officials.

Among the male guests, three people have caught the eye: Kang San (Ryeoun), Kim Si-yeol (Kang Hoon), and Jeong Yoo-ha (Jung Gun-joo). Everyone has their own secrets.

Together with Dan-oh, these three men suddenly work together to unravel the mystery about the case of Lee Seol’s disappearance about 13 years ago.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Movie Review

Entertaining with fast paced

If historical dramas are often boring for some parts, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse is quite capable of eliminating that feeling. With a number of important characters, this drama can summarize the story without being overly exaggerated. Even so there are still many details that do not make sense.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse Movie

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse is also an interesting pastime in the long term. Totaling 20 episodes, the audience can feel the humor of Shin Ye-eun and the other actors. Not to mention the mystery spices that can turn us into amateur detectives instantly. The disclosure was at the right moment, and not long-winded.

Uniquely, each character is able to stand alone and can let go of the image of the main character. They have their own story that is no less important. Precisely the figure of Dan-oh is the one who unites the red thread. In a dormitory that is rarely occupied, it’s not unusual for many mysterious residents with lots of secrets.

There is love, family, and friendship

Like most historical dramas with other romantic spices, there is nothing special about The Secret Romantic Guesthouse . The usual formula, plus a mix of mystery and a bit of action, is the mainstay of this drama.

Even so, the storyline still presents important elements such as love, family, and friendship. From the start, it turned out that the three men who decided to live in the Taman Bunga dormitory had a connection. The mystery that became the background of their lives was united by the existence of Yoon Dan Oh.

Romance in this drama is built quickly, the audience might have been able to feel it from the first meeting. This is probably intended so that the director can summarize the story and make the scenes in the middle even more interesting. Not only that, there are also touching moments of the friendship of each dormitory resident that they forge unexpectedly.

Review The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

Bright and attractive visuals

Not only starring talented actors with beautiful looks, The Secret Romantic Guesthouse is also supported by stunning cinematography. All aspects are made bright, showing that this is not a drama that will continue to drain tears. Even so, there are also moments full of tears that can make the audience drift away in sadness.

In essence, the visuals displayed in this romantic historical drama are well constructed. Starting from props to small things like clothes, the audience will be transported to the past Korean era, and enjoy a love story full of political intrigue.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse (2023) Conclusion

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse might use the usual formula, about a romantic drama that might not be too special. However, this drama cannot be said to be boring and failed to entertain fans.

Like a stress reliever at a dull time, watching this drama can make Cilers smile happily, become a curious detective, and feel deep sadness.


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