The Weekend Away Movie Review

Netflix is ​​back to presenting thriller novel adaptations on its watch list. This time, the OTT service has added a new thriller entitled ‘The Weekend Away’ which is a spin-off of the novel of the same name by writer Sarah Alderson.

The Weekend Away was directed by director Kim Farrant, with several big stars filling the film. Leighton Meester (‘The Roommate,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Single Parents’) will helm the story and play Orla. The rest of the cast includes Christina Wolfe (‘Batwoman,’ ‘The Royals’), Ziad Bakri (‘Blind Sun,’ ‘Screwdriver,’ ‘Le Bureau de Legendes’), and Luke Norris (‘Poldark,’ ‘Been So Long’).

As for the director, Kim Farrant, previously known for the films he directed such as ‘Strangeland’ and ‘Angel of Mine’. He was also nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for his first film in 2015.

Synopsis The Weekend Away

This film begins when Beth (Leighton Meester) has arrived in Croatia to spend the weekend with her recently divorced best friend, Kate (Christina Wolfe). Since they haven’t seen each other for a long time, they then do things that please themselves and reduce the burden on their minds. The two decide to go to town for dinner, then have a few drinks at a bar.

Beth, who was too tired at that time, refused Kate’s request. However, Kate convinces him to continue their escape and relive their old days. When the two meet some handsome guys at a bar, Kate tries to encourage Beth to open up with one of them. Considering that Beth was having sexual problems with her husband, Kate felt that what she was doing was natural.

The Weekend Away

The next day, Beth woke up with a headache and an empty hotel. Beth then noticed that Kate had not shown up and that all of her personal belongings were not in the room. Her clothes were scattered on the balcony with the Jacuzzi still on. Panicked, Beth asks for the help of a friendly taxi driver named Zain (Ziad Bakri) whom she knows because she has picked up Beth at the airport.

Together with Zain, Beth retraces what the two were doing until Kate disappeared. Through her search, Beth uncovers many secret facts and she begins to be unsure who to trust. This was exacerbated when Beth was considered a suspect in the disappearance of her best friend. So, can Beth find out the truth?

The Weekend Away Movie Review

Kate’s life is full of solitude

Being separated from his best friend with persistent problems may be a clear marker of why he was so happy when Beth came, even to provide luxury for him. Compared to Beth’s emotions that might have been more confused since the first time she arrived, Kate clearly showed her joy and enthusiasm for Beth.

Kate, who is divorced from her husband, Jay (Parth Thakerar), decides to have fun and forget about her problems with Beth. However, during dinner, Beth apologized for not being there for her when she was needed. Because of the baby’s business, Kate also understands the absence of her best friend. From the narrative it is clear how Beth is happy to have the child even though her relationship with her husband is not perfect. While Kate? He doesn’t even have a credit card to make himself happy.

Review The Weekend Away

Especially when Kate disappeared, everyone seemed to not care about her existence. Jay, even thought this was common and that was what Kate always did to attract the attention of the people around her. Sad, considering Kate was once a part of Jay’s life. This further raises the question of how Kate has lived so far, has she been happy?

Typical American tourist who is too credulous

Typical in tourist cities, such as Paris, Rome, or even Italy, many tourists are often lied to or deceived because their faces are so ‘similar’ like tourists. Or maybe like Beth, who immediately believes the taxi driver – even though Zain is proven to be a good person.

Zain even questioned Beth about this, making himself confused as to why he shouldn’t trust the people who helped him. It just didn’t make sense why Beth trusted everyone so much for that reason.

Where was the old Leighton Meester?

Thanks to his role in the famous series ‘Gossip Girl,’ who doesn’t know him? With the hope that this series will be satisfying, Beth’s acting actually looks stiff and not straightforward. Either because the script he had required it to be like that, or indeed Leighton had lost his aura to act as someone who was scared.

Movie The Weekend Away

Even so, on several sides she also plays the character of Beth well and gives the appearance of a young mother who is too tired to face the sun. Beth really wanted to go home, get away from all Kate’s affairs so that she easily decided who was the mastermind behind Kate’s disappearance through the cheap clues she got. One guess, Beth was sure he was the culprit.

Thriller in the middle of beautiful Croatia

Set in Croatia, this film really presents a beautiful scene in the midst of the confusion that occurred with Beth. Contrary to Beth, who is looking for clues to her friend’s whereabouts, the view behind her actually makes fun of the audience as if we can’t see Croatia any farther from the sea.

It must be admitted that despite all the shortcomings, ‘The Weekend Away’ at least succeeded in making us wonder who the culprit was from the start. The execution is quite good, as well as some ridiculous and unreasonable plot twists but still considerate, this film can be said to be entertaining for a film duration that is not too long with a fairly fast pace.

Murder dramas are always going to be interesting, aren’t they?

The Weekend Away Conclusion

The Weekend Away movie

‘The Weekend Away’ presents a thriller drama that is not too tense but still acceptable and quite entertaining. In the midst of the beauty of Croatia, the audience seems to be invited to ignore this gift and choose to join in the search for clues to the truth about Kate. Some ridiculous and crazy plot twists with weak motives make Beth finally a person who doesn’t trust anyone anymore. Although in the end, he still put his trust in a foreign figure, Zain.

Available since March 3, ‘The Weekend Away’ is suitable to be a leisure time entertainment film, only on Netflix.


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