Tofu Girl Codes (New)

Tofu Girl, a highly popular tower-building game for mobile devices, has won the hearts of many gamers thanks to its addictive and invigorating gameplay. Developed and published by JoyPac, this game is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, with Android alone boasting over 10 million downloads, a clear testament to its captivating allure.

In Tofu Girl, players are challenged with the task of skillfully stacking their tofu towers and maneuvering them through obstacles that emerge from both sides of the screen. The ultimate objective is to guide the girl safely to the center of the tofu piece, skillfully avoiding any collisions along the way. Achieving this feat involves arranging the tofu pieces in perfectly straight rows, without any deviations. The more efficiently you can stack them, the higher your score multiplier climbs. With its straightforward yet engaging gameplay, the game offers players moments of carefree relaxation and pure delight.


Tofu Girl’s charm is not only rooted in its simple mechanics but also in its remarkable ability to captivate players through its relaxed yet enjoyable gameplay. It serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of games that offer a quick and enjoyable escape from the rigors of daily life.

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Without further ado, allow us to present the latest gift codes for Tofu Girl:

Introducing Codes game Tofu Girl

  • TofuVip167
  • Tofunewcenter
  • vicenipTop

About Tofu Girl game

Fancy Tofu is not just an ordinary game, but also an innovative and exciting experience, taking players into a colorful fantasy world and vibrant music.

When starting to play, the player will be instructed to help the agile girl climb up the tower of elastic tofu balls like a trampoline. With the girl’s flexibility and dexterity, players will have to show concentration and skill to pass each jump perfectly.

A perfect jump not only brings high scores, but also opens up the opportunity to collect valuable rewards. Players can use these rewards to unlock over 60 unique outfits for the girl or tofu balls, creating a diverse and creative fashion collection.

In addition, the game also offers other attractive features such as:

◆ Softness to the touch: Players can enjoy the soft and elastic feeling when touching the tofu balls.

◆ Addictive gameplay: With vibrant background music and endless challenge, “Fancy Tofu” will draw players into an endless loop of dramatic jumps.

Explore new challenges and creations in “Fancy Tofu” – a unique and memorable experience for those who love adventure and showing off their abilities.


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