Ultraman Season 3 Review (2023)

Ultraman Season 3 should be the final season of superheroes with Cosmic powers Giant of Light. After the 6 Ultramen united in Season 2, Ultraman must again face the evil aliens to protect Earth. Based on the manga adaptation by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, this robotic Ultraman story spans 3 seasons on Netflix.

Ultraman Season 3 directed by Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama. Japanese voice actors Ryouhei Kimura, Hideyuki Tanaka, Kaiji Soze, Sumire Morohoshi, and Ryouta Takeuchi return to enliven the series Ultraman Season 3 this time. The series releases globally on May 11, 2023 on Netflix.

Ultraman Season 3 Synopsis

Ultraman’s task becomes even more difficult when Shinjiro Hayata (Ryouhei Kimura) has to face new aliens. Ultraman Shinjiro is suspected of doing whatever he wants and destroying the city. Moreover, he was no longer able to control his strength. He often overreaches and deals more damage than necessary.

Shinjiro has a dream about a monster that resembles his father’s old enemy. SSSP also noticed this change in Shinjiro’s strength. They didn’t know the reason behind this, but it always happened to Shinjiro.

Ultraman season 3 review

Shinjiro finally brutally kills an alien who was on an assassination mission. Ultraman also becomes a threat and is hated by humans because he uses his power so brutally that it scares everyone. This is used by the aliens to carry out its mission on Earth

Ultraman Season 3 Movie Review

Ultraman becomes the enemy of humans

Shinjiro, who was angry when the early episode of Hayata’s father lost to an alien monster, became the main reason he couldn’t control his strength. The mystery of the new Armored Suit at the time of the experiment seemed odd. Episode after episode, Ultraman becomes an easy target for accusations, with videos footage which greatly cornered Ultraman’s wild actions.

Ultraman season 3 review

As the main character, Ultraman can’t be an antagonist. POV from the side of the alien antagonist Mephisto and the SSSP side, this anime shows quite intelligently. So that we can also guess without opening the mastermind to the end. The brutality that arises is strengthened by aliens who turn out to be able to change shape to resemble anything.

Good or evil alien camp?

The main enemy in season three is Mephisto. Which at the beginning of the episode managed to defeat Ultraman Zoffy or Hayata, Shinjiro’s father. A power that might surpass Ultramen, could be the end of Ultraman on Earth. Shifting the point of view, that Ultraman only uses his strength, so that humans are too dependent, is the biggest issue.

Ultraman season 3 review

Mephisto’s role is seen to only utilize Ultraman’s power, with the same mission of at least controlling the World. The difficulty was fighting Mephisto, plus his minion Balkyua, who had troubled Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Seven. Even Ultraman looks divided to add to the conflict so it’s even more exciting.

The Zetton monster that appeared in Shinjiro’s dream finally appeared. Here maybe we will think Giant of Light Or a large version of Ultraman will appear. But comic readers will surely know the direction of Ultraman’s final fight against this big monster. 7 Ultraman who remains in normal human size.

The new Ultraman completes the Legend of Ultra 7 formation

With the surprise of Rena becoming Ultraman Marie, maybe it can be called Ultrawoman (because it’s not Man). An idol friend of Shinjiro who continues to defend Ultraman, when people’s trust has faded. Rena does seem to play an important role for the season finale this time.

Ultraman season 3 review

Armored Suit very new indeed girly added attributes such as a skirt at the bottom, beautifying the Armored Suit, but still with a high-tech suit ready for combat. The Ultraman suit, which was made especially for Rena, is not for Rena close combat.

Inspired by an important character in the world of Ultraman, namely Mother of Ultra. Ultraman Marie’s power complements the fighting power of Ultraman. By giving shield cosmic, the Ultramen freely launch attacks towards the monsters.

Even though there was a clash between Ultraman in the middle, their battle became the most awaited action. Ultraman Ace, who is the youngest, seems to be a mediator, even though he was a victim of alien slander too. The arrival of Ultraman Jack at the end, completes everyone to fight together.

The fight is more slick and agile

Ultraman season 3 review

Since Ultraman Shinjiro’s brutality, the Ultramen have not been seen continuing to act in public by maneuvering their main weapon. Ultraman’s ultimate move only comes out at certain times. Fighting distance with high speed a lot to appear here. With camera shots close upbeautify the fight between alien monster and ultraman.

Ultraman versus Monster at the end of the episode is always an interesting show. Wider city battle side, and aerial combat with bigger explosions. Multiple effects support slow motion, blurred, and fast tracks, so the perfect aspect to increase the adrenaline of the fight in Ultraman Season 3 this time. This time the damage to the city was even more severe.

Ultraman Season 3 Conclusion

Ultraman season 3 review

Ultraman, who had to turn into a human threat, succeeded in changing our perspective on Ultra heroes. Alien’s mission, which is almost the same as the previous season, is strengthened by pitting one against another and conflict between interests. Ultraman’s big exciting plot that gave rise to a new Ultraman and a new Suit costume, neatly wrapped up in 12 episodes.

The most awaited thing is the combination of 7 Ultraman at the end, against the main enemy. No matter how they unite, the conflict that is made is quite complicated towards a climactic ending against one traitor. Combat close and long range, in a larger scale city with greater impact.


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