We Have A Ghost (2023) Movie Review

‘We Have a Ghost’ is a supernatural horror-comedy film that tells the story of Kevin (Anthony Mackie) and his family who move into a new home. They soon discover that the house is haunted by a friendly ghost named Ernest (Jahzir Bruno) who has the ability to possess humans and animals.

Kevin, a struggling writer, sees an opportunity to write a bestselling book about his experiences with Ernest. With the help of his friend, Annie (Melissa McCarthy), they set up cameras throughout the house to capture Ernest’s antics and attempt to communicate with him.

As news of the haunted house spreads, a group of paranormal enthusiasts and a reality TV show crew arrive at Kevin’s house to investigate. However, things take a dark turn when they discover that Ernest is not the only ghost in the house and that there may be something more sinister at play.

‘We Have a Ghost’ promises to be a thrilling and comedic horror film with a talented cast and an experienced director at the helm. The release date for the film has yet to be announced, but fans of the genre are eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Synopsis We Have A Ghost (2023)

‘We Have a Ghost’ follows a group of families who have just moved into their new home. When their youngest son Kevin (Jahi Di’Allo Winston) learns from a schoolmate that their new residence is haunted and nicknamed “the house of the dead”, he goes to the attic to hunt ghosts.

In accordance with the rumors circulating about his house, Kevin encounters a not-so-scary, bald, mute ghost named Ernest (David Harbour). He then records their interaction, and his father, Frank (Anthony Mackie), uploads it to YouTube.

We Have A Ghost

The family became an overnight sensation after the video went viral, reaching 3 million views in six minutes. Everyone became curious about Ernest, including the strange psychic played by Jennifer Coolidge.

However, when Kevin, Ernest, and the neighbors they work with investigate the mystery of Ernest’s past, they become targets of the CIA, and others who have evil intentions against the spirit. Can Kevin and his friends help Ernest before it’s too late?

We Have A Ghost (2023) Review

Family-Friendly Comedy Horror that’s Too Common

‘We Have A Ghost’ presents a comedy drama with a touch of horror that is not scary at all, without blood, and other sadistic scenes. Like Casper, David Harbor plays Ernest, a friendly ghost who is mute and remembers nothing of his former life. After her failed attempts to haunt Kevin, the two hit it off and go on a journey to find out Ernest’s mystery.

Review We Have A Ghost

Like other family dramas, the story also deals with family conflicts, such as what it means to feel left out by a loved one, the importance of family support, and the impact of a father who never listens and understands. Also as usual, the conflict ended with the family reuniting. ‘We Have A Ghost’ might be the right movie to watch on weekends with your family.

However, like an ordinary family drama, Christopher Landon takes a safe path this time with stories we are used to finding and nothing new – except for a house that is haunted by a mute ghost. In fact, most of his jokes fail to make the audience laugh with the duration of the film being quite long and boring and rambling. It feels like the film is starting to run out of ideas about what they’re going to do.

Starring Famous Actors

Even though it’s an ordinary story, the appearance of the cast manages to slightly cover up its defects, especially David Harbor as Ernest. Although present without dialogue, the strong figure of David Harbor as a father figure, especially after being familiar with his role in ‘Stranger Things’, manages to warm up the film with the expressions it presents.

Apart from Harbour, Anthony Mackie as Frank, a failed father, Jennifer Coolidge as a psychic who unfortunately only gets a few scenes, assisted by the new face Isabella Russo who steals the spotlight as Kevin’s friend who helps her to unlock the mystery of Ernest’s death.

We Have A Ghost Movie

Conclusion We Have A Ghost (2023)

‘We Have A Ghost’ appears as a family-friendly comedy horror show with light conflicts typical of family dramas. Even though the duration is quite long, which is 2 hours, and with a lot of stories that we have encountered that might make the audience bored at some moments, ‘We Have A Ghost’ remains a warm spectacle that is safe to be watched by all ages to fill the weekend .


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